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Be excellent to each other

& party on.

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Chey the Obsessive Puzzleshipper <3

Note: If you're here looking for my icons/fanfics/artsy stuff, this is not the journal to be stalking. My art/writing journal is aijou_aibou. Please friend over there for icon updates and the such. ^^

least complicated
» The Basics

Name: Cassandra, AKA Chey
Other known aliases: Cassie, Caster, Cassie-cat, Shadow (Shad), Puzzle, Nails, Yami, Yami-Chey, Seme-Chey, Cass, Chey-Chey, Chey-Bunny, She-Chey
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Background: Native American and English
Orientation/status: Lesbian-romantic asexual, with a slight...um...obsession for pretty gay boys and shounen-ai... x3;, technically single, but not "available."
Native to: the Florida Keys
Grade: College fourth-year
Occupation: Student, Yugioh geek, part-time bookseller and full-time Puzzleshipper
Future: Aspiring author

see who i am
» Details

More info?

Well I had a MySpace some years ago, until I decided MySpace is dumb and so I quit and came here. And that's the story of how I got here. xD

I love anime and manga, especially Yugioh. It's my number one fandom and has been for years, and even though 224 has been dubbed, I remain unable to let it go. I love just about everything about Yugioh and its spin-offs (no matter how silly they get, I still enjoy them) and dueling even though not many girls do, which is where my sn came from. (The 163 of course standing for episode 163. x3) I've only ever met one other person who can match me in Puzzleshipping.

I live in the FL Keys and was born here, so I think any temperature below 80 is friggin cold and like all the other Keys locals I'm a freak, (or so I've been told), but I'm a loveable freak...I hope.

Other than anime/manga and YYxY-ness, I also love my friends, writing, cosplay, icon-ating, Dan Green, shounen-ai, RPing, drawing, fluffy movies, reading, eating tasty food, sleeping, and listening to music. I really don't like Phyllis Schlafly, bugs/centipedes, deep water, homophobes, calling people, hentai, overly conservative ideals, being helpless, being yelled at, mean people, and loud wind at night.

Far as my personality goes, I try to be a happy and friendly person most of the time. I have chronic anxiety which I deal with through jokes and focusing on helping others, and a mild form of OCD which likes to manifest itself in the oddest of ways. I'm usually really quiet and timid, but once I get to know you my personality does a 180 and it's nearly impossible to get rid of me or shut me up. xD I have a hard time holding a grudge and it takes a lot to set me off. The one thing I never forgive is someone or something that hurts somebody I love. I'm terribly awkward socially and I probably often come across as standoffish or aloof, but it's because I'm really quite shy and have never been good with people. But once I come to care about someone, I would do anything for them.

This is not a friends-only journal, but I do friends-lock entries that're more personal. Comments are not friends locked.

TL;DR- MySpace Sucks. LJ's awesome. I'm rather weird, but I don't bite. Friends make me happy, asshats make me mad, and if you want to, come say hi. ^_^

hey kind friend
» Special People

Gina: (ginasaur_x3) My uke, Yugi, best friend, and Gin-Gin! *snuggles* I love her more than anything and anyone, and she's the only person who is allowed to see my unprotected heart. <33 Even though she lives in NY, I know we will meet face-to-face one day, and I trust her with my life. And, as of Jan. 3, 2007, we are happily LJ!married! <3 (over at marry_a_ljuser) We ARE the female Puzzleshipping. u_u (I suppose you should all be warned now, NEVER hurt her. Cause I'll scratch your eyes out with a rusty nail if you do.)
Lexi: (lazuline) My sis-in-law! Lexi is super nice and a really awesome person all-round who has helped me out a lot. She's also the one who's gonna get me and Gina Puzzleshippy married someday. x3 The rusty-nail thing applies with her, too.
Marie: (x_darkhope_x) One of my first ever online-pals who I'm still in contact with. She's a crazy random NYer...and I think she's rather proud of that. xDD
Kaoru: (strawberrykaoru) We started college at the same time, so commiserating is in order. She's also a (very talented) fellow Puzzleshippy fanfic/fanart creator. x3
Crow: (crowfics) Dramaverse's most excellent crackmuse and my co-mod at the FMA Clubhouse. =3
Emiko:</b:>) A newer friend who also enjoys cosplaying. Someday we'll meet up at a con!
My Mom: (momduels) She's the awesomest mom ever. <33

what never dies
» Fandoms, Old and New

Yugioh // anime & manga
Yugioh GX // anime & manga
Yugioh 5Ds // anime
Yugioh Capsule Monsters // anime
Yugioh R // manga
Silver Diamond // manga
The Ice Cold Demon's Tale // manga
Animal Academy // manga
Rave Master // manga
Black Cat // manga
Kindaichi Case Files // manga
Gravitation // anime & manga
Fullmetal Alchemist // anime & manga
Axis Powers Hetalia // anime & manga
Legal Drug // manga
Azumanga Daioh // manga
Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom // manga
Tsuki no Mizu // manga
Pokemon // anime
Nightrunner Series
Code Lyoko
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Danny Phantom
Gilmore Girls
Pretty Little Liars
Boy Meets World
Harry Potter
Good Omens
and many others

i believe in love
» OTPs and Crackships

Yami x Yugi // Yugioh
Jounouchi x Mai // Yugioh
Jaden x Shou // Yugioh GX
Manjyome x Shou // Yugioh GX
Jaden x Jesse // Yugioh GX
Yuusei x Bruno // Yugioh 5Ds
Trudge x Mina // Yugioh 5Ds
Chigusa x Rakan // Silver Diamond
Blood x Ishuca // The Ice Cold Demon's Tale
Wild x Rapunzel // The Ice Cold Demon's Tale
Neko x Miiko // Animal Academy
Haru x Elie // Rave Master
Musica x Reina // Rave Master
Let x Julia // Rave Master
Train x Sven // Black Cat
Hajime x Miyuki // Kindaichi Case Files
Eiri x Shuichi // Gravitation
Edward x Alfons Heiderich // Fullmetal Alchemist (movie)
Rikuo x Kazahaya // Legal Drug
Kakei x Saiga // Legal Drug
Yukari x Minamo // Azumanga Daioh
Kazuma x Nora // Nora
Nakichi x Seita // Tsuki no Mizu
Kousuke x Yoshiharu // Tsuki no Mizu
Jesse x James // Pokemon
Ash x Misty // Pokemon
Seregil x Alec // Nightrunner
Thero x Klia // Nightrunner
Jeremy x Aelita // Code Lyoko
Ulrich x Yumi // Code Lyoko
Aang x Katara // Avatar: TLA
Zuko x Mai // Avatar: TLA
Sokka x Suki // Avatar: TLA
Danny x Sam // Danny Phantom
Luke x Lorelai // Gilmore Girls
Rory x 6th season Jess // Gilmore Girls
Cory x Topanga // Boy Meets World
Shawn x Angela // Boy Meets World
Ron x Hermione // Harry Potter
Crowley x Aziraphale // Good Omens
Guilty Pleasure OTPs and Crackships
Yugi x Jounouchi // Yugioh
Yami x Bakura // Yugioh
Bakura x Ryou // Yugioh
Mai x Serenity // Yugioh
Ryo x Edo // Yugioh GX
Saiga x Yuji // Yugioh 5Ds
Trudge x Yuusei // Yugioh 5Ds
Sven x Eve // Black Cat
Kyoko x Charden // Black Cat
Akechi x Hajime // Kindaichi Case Files
Greed x Ling // Fullmetal Alchemist
Riza x Barry // Fullmetal Alchemist
Den x Black Hayate // Fullmetal Alchemist
Winry x Sheska // Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Alfons x Zipper // Mirrorworld (FMA fic)
America x England // Axis Powers Hetalia
Holy Roman Empire x Italy // Axis Powers Hetalia
Germany x Italy // Axis Powers Hetalia
Sakaki x Kaorin // Azumanga Daioh
Sakaki x Chiyo // Azumanga Daioh
Ty Lee x Mai // Avatar: TLA
Danny x Tucker // Danny Phantom
Cory x Shawn // Boy Meets World
Frankie x Joey // Boy Meets World
Dark Heart x Christy // Care Bears 2 (movie)
Roy x Mullet // Hoot (movie/book)
Bill x Ted // Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (movie)
Bella's Truck x Tyler's Van // Twilight
Mako x The Ocean // Yugioh: TAS
Seto Kaiba x The Money You Could Save by Switching to Geico // Money!OTP
Me x Gina // female Puzzleshipping!OTP ;DD
Steven x Stephen // I hate you!I love you!OTP ...*whacked*
David x Random Pole // he made gym class fun!OTP ...*double whacked*
and many others

desperately wanting
» Claims from claimsfromygo

Yami Pillows
Yami's Black Shirt
Yami's Dog Collar
Yuugi's/Yugi's Black Shirt
Yuugi's/Yugi's Dog Collar
Malik's Motorcycle
Yuugi/Yugi's Clock
Atemu's/Pharaoh's Wristbands
Episodes 163, 184, 186, 207, 52, and the Dungeon Dice Monsters Arc
YamixYugi (Puzzleshipping)
Yuugi/Yugi's Eyes
Yami's Eyes
Yuugi's/Yugi's Dub Voice
Yami's Dub Voice
Game King Yami
Chibi versions of Yami and Yugi
Yami's *smartass smirk* expression
Bakura's black trenchcoat
Touzukuou's red coat
Sennen Puzzle and the box it was found in
Yami's silver 'Atemu' cartouche
YamixBakura (Darkshipping)
JoeyxYugi (Wishshipping)
Reshef of Desctruction
The Sacred Cards
Amazoness Tiger
Yami's red eyes with the blue flames from the original first ep
Yami's shadow with the eyes and Millennium Symbol glowing
Yami/Yugi's black leather wristbands from Battle City
Yami's whole outfit from ep 53
Serenity/Mako (Shoreshipping)
Yami's soul room
Yugi's soul room
That really cute way Yami and Yugi look at each other all lovingly. <333

Claimed for my mom: Kaiba's Blue Eyes jet

true colours
» Colourbars and Banners

Puzzleshipping is head-imploding cute love! <3333!
Chey's OTP forever! *head implodes when they even look at each other* <33

Made by the loveliful destinyshadow25!

Duel Monsters is the only thing he dominates...
uke!atemu is love!
Duel Monsters is the only thing Yami dominates. ;9 *killed*

Yugioh is Shiny Egyptian Love

Shinneeyyyyyyyyyyy... <3

Yugioh is 'Aw hell, my shit is broken' Love!

That sure sucks, don't it? >.>

Shou is Adorable Love
*stuffs Sy and Jaden in her closet together* x3

Kittens are Cute Love
*huggles* =3

Doomed To Be Uke
first series yuugi is love
Is there really anyone who DOESN'T love Series 0 Yugi?

For rizzle, yo!
Yuugiou is Bling Love, Yo!
Fo rizzle, Yugioh is maaad bling love. xD

Yuugiou is bondage love
Sticks and stones will break my bones but bishounen in bondage excite me. ;] *shot*

first series yuugiou is cracklove!

Series 0 = so much cracky love~!

Yu-Gi-Oh: Capsule Monsters is cracky and amazing love.
Shmexy duel armor Puzzleshipping crack armor Puzzleshippy Yugi Yami happiness = love. x3

K-san is trigger happy run-for-your-life! love!
*runs for her life*

The government has no right to put rules on love, and organized religions should keep their fat heads out of other people's lives. Friggin homophobes need to go worry about their own damn sanctity!

Atemu angst is love
So much angst, so many missed opportunities for Yami and Yugi to hug...*sigh* <3

YamixYugi is adorable love forever~!! <33
Have I mentioned that recently? ^^

Puzzleshipping is Love
STILL SO TRUE! *explodes*

Juudai x Shou is obsessive & clingy love
JuudaixShou = second OTP

Baby/Chibi Atemu is Cute and Adorable Love <3!
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! <3

Pharaoh Atemu is Shmexy Egyptian Love!
OMG yes...>.>

Yugi is just-plain-adorable love!
God you know it. ;]

Image hosting by Photobucket
Throwing your duel disk like a frizbee is OH SHIT I BROKE IT! love.
Created by spongy_graphics

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Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 9444041
Date Created:Feb 5 2006
Number of Posts: ...Lots? xD

Chey is a super obsessed Yugioh and Puzzleshipping addict and is one of the only two Official Puzzleshipping Junkies. <3 She has permanent ADHD over puzzleshipping and cannot concentrate on anything without thinking about YYxY-ness instead. Chey is usually very easy-going and nice, but being seme-ish, has been known to threaten anyone that hurts her friends. She worships Yami, Yugi, and Dan Green and happily allows them to own her soul.
Strengths: Independent, seme-ish, protective of the people/things she cares about, friendly, easy-going, fairly smart, stubbourn, and believes everything will work out how it's supposed to in the end.
Weaknesses: Deathly afraid of deep water and most bugs, will roll over and do anything for puzzleshipping, is easily distracted, occassionally gets ahead of herself, takes insults too much to heart, and tends to be a cynic.
Special Skills: The ability to puzzleship non-stop and to connect ANYTHING to Yugioh, can BS her way through majour school projects and get good grades, and PWNS at Yugioh trivia tests.
Weapons: Sharp nails, a 2x4, Uzi (semi-automatic), and puzzleshipping skillz beyond measure.
Fetishes <3: Yami, Yami's legs, angsty YYxY goodness, fluffy YYxY goodness, purple, bishounen in skirts, Yami in sexy battle armor, orange tic tacs, me and Gina's RP, pretty gay boys, bishounen hugging, shounen-ai, anything involving Puzzleshipping, JuuShou-ness, ice cream, online quizzes and surveys, Yami's sleeveless shirt, purple-eyed anime characters, Dan Green, and Andes mints.

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world of make believe
» Favourite Online Haunts

Twilight Sucks
Dragon Cave Also: click and help my adopted dragons grow!

Sites & Blogs
OddTodd's Blog
Cake Wrecks
Overheard in New York
I Can Haz Cheezburger?
Fail Blog
LOL Politics
LOL Celebs
LOL Graphs and Charts
The Customer is NOT Always Right
Dan Bergstein's Blogging Twilight

shed some light
» Credit Where Credit is Due

Song titles used in info headings:
Least Complicated, Hey Kind Friend and I Believe in Love © Indigo Girls
See Who I Am and World of Make Believe © Within Temptation
What Never Dies © Sensefield
True Colours © Cyndi Lauper
Desperately Wanting © Better Than Ezra
Shed Some Light © Shinedown

Yami and Yugi moodtheme created by me. Go here for the rules and link to download.

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