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Florida Supercon 2016 Recap and Picture Post: Part Three (Sunday and Monday)

Continuing on in the wordy adventures of Chey at Supercon u_u Check out Part One and Part Two if you haven't yet!



I was woken up by Jasmine calling my phone to tell me they were planning to try for the 10:00/10:30 shuttle. I wanted to go with them so we’d all be together since we’re a group and all but for some reason I thought it was nine so I was like “uuuhhh...I don’t think I’m gonna make that...wait what time is it?” And she said 7 and I was like...okay, maybe I can do this? I honestly felt crappy the first hour after getting up, my stomach hated me and I was exhausted and felt sick. I forced myself to have a little bit of tea and some crackers (bc I didn’t think my stomach would stand coffee) and started to get my costume on and I started to feel a lot better to the point that I was actually ready around 10:00 and felt fine xD

I even had some time to take selfies~

It's really hard to get my face to do anything I like so I'm extremely pleased with this selfie xD

I like this one less, but it's a pretty good shot of the collar =3

Which looked like this! I'm really bad at cursive so the writing isn't as pretty as I'd like it to be, but that's okay.

My ~artsy~ attempt at doing a silhouette shot xDD

And Jaimy gave me these cute stickers she drew of pyroar!Chey! =D

When we got to the lobby the shuttle was there but it was standing room only, so I got to experience standing on a bus for the first time. People around me all looked annoyed but I was like, “this is so exciting, I never got to stand on a bus before!!” and I was going “woo!!” every time we turned a corner. In retrospect the lack of sleep might have made me seem weirdly hyper all day xD; But I legitimately was excited, it was a big deal for tiny island Chey.

There was a Love Live! panel I really wanted to do but it was just wayyy too early in the morning to manage, so when we got there at first we just all hung out and shopped and looked for cosplayers to take pictures of.

Like this gorgeous Mami! I like her wig, I think it's a great interpretation of how Mami's curls would be like irl ^^

These Game of Thrones cosplayers were great and so in-character!

We found a shiny Gardevoir and got very excited because she was the first pokemon gijinka we found xD Look at that skirt!

I took a picture of this incredibly precious Miku for Gina x3 SHE'S SO PRETTY SHE'S LIKE A DOLL <3 I am also extremely impressed by those shoes omg

We stopped by Zipper's booth to see her. She always has the most cute and creative outfits on, not to mention her make-up! <3

Someone let Inuyasha get loose xD

Cool assassin guy was hanging out by the tattoo booth

I picked up my commission of brugo <3

I used old reference photos that I had on my devART so Hugo has straight hair instead of wavy/curly, but that’s okay. It’s like young innocent versions of them x3 Before I break them 8D

And I got a Cerberus figurine for my mommy~!

This girl was dressed up as the OC of her original comic!

The entire time I was at the con I kept seeing this booth and kept wondering why the fruck a bath company had decided to have a booth at Supercon. Was it some kind of subtle reminder to everyone to take a shower? It wasn't until Sunday that I finally realized they were advertising geeky shower accessories, like the Batman shower curtain and Darth Vader bathmat and stuff.

Remember cool tiny gun girl from Saturday? She was Rafiki on Sunday! It's official I love all her costumes.

We stopped at the Bon Appeteats booth because Justine loves playing the gacha that they have there and I decided to finally get one of their tiny koi ponds to set on my kotatsu =3 They make all kinds of miniatures and while their miniature foods are their main thing I really like their ponds!

Because I bought something I also got a free play of the gacha and I got a breakfast food jewelry set! Waffle and butter earrings, a waffle heart ring and a waffle Mini Mouse necklace x3 (also I am hopeless because the Mini Mouse necklace made me instantly think of Gina and our trip ;___;) There was also a bunch of real candy in the gacha ball too that I ate ='D (pictured above is also the Cosplay Medics button they gave me for visiting their booth so often xD)

A MadoHomu set! I am extremely invested in shorter-Homura so they made me very happy ^u^

Look at these three badasses!!!!

Beyonce was there xD Everyone was going crazy for her.

Look at that Nico nii!!

Then it was time for the video game cosplay contest!! Which was held in the SMALLEST room I have ever seen a cosplay contest held in. Everyone was confused, like the con workers were confused, we were confused, the judges looked confused, it was crazy. Normally costume contest rooms are big enough for the entrants to line up on one wall, each walks across the stage and down to stand on the other wall, where we all stand to wait for the awards. This room was so small we had to line up in the hall outside the room, one entry at a time walked in and did their poses and then walked out so another could go in.

Waiting outside in the hall xD

Phantump being cute!

Our Jirachi Ringmaster~

I took a picture of Jaimy too but she was puffing her cheeks out and making a goofy face so idk if she really wants me posting it xDD;;;

Jinx was in the contest too! I'm fairly sure she was the same one from the costume contest the day before u_u

These dudes walked around the con all weekend like this. (everyone was stopping to see how they would get down the escalator xD)

Steampunk Poison Ivy was next to us in line and we hung out x3

Since we were all out in the hall the only way to know who won was the judges would tell one volunteer, who would call out the name to the volunteer at the door, who would then call out the name to the hall so the winners could go inside. Aaaaaand one of those winners was our group!! Best original concept! =’D To be fair there were maybe three entries in our category so it wasn’t like steep competition, but it was still really exciting and fun and we got a trophy! x3 And afterwards people kept finding us and congratulating us and saying we really deserved it so it still felt good to win because it did feel like we deserved it =3 We’ve decided to share custody of the trophy and swap it when we meet at cons, and they let me have it first =D It looks great on my desk in my new apartment!

#besttroupe ='D

After that we all headed downstairs for food because we were all starving xD I had nachos again but these nachos were actually more exciting because you could get toppings like tomatoes and peppers, whereas the ones from the day before were just chips and cheese dip.

This dude had a keyblade made of all the Millennium Items xD

There was a very cute Shaymin!


Kageyama was in the food court~ (edit from the future: it was only in re-reading this that I noticed the "court" pun. Pls put me in jail.)

Then we caught the end of the social media and cosplay panel where one of the panelists (from Moderately Okay Cosplay) made me cry like three times from being so emotional and heartfelt about being a cosplayer. Like he talked about how much it touches him that there are people who see him as a hero and you never know what someone is going through, and if he can make even one person smile with his costume and maybe inspire them or give them something to get excited about that it makes all the work worth it. I was hormonal and kept having to dab my eyelashes to keep from ruining my make up. ^^;;

We also saw Liz at it who I’m always excited to see because Monroe County represent~ /o/

Then it was off to the room for the masquerade where I was determined we’d get better seats than we did last year, and we did! Still not the best but at least I got SOME pictures this year unlike last year when I had like 5 blurry shots and that was it.

They had a guy do an opening show for us who was like a mentalist type person, and he did mind-reading and future-sight stuff =3 It was really cool! Logically there was probably some trick to it but I have to say I didn’t see how he did it, and I think the talent it takes to do a trick like that is just as cool as if it was “real”. (And if it was real, that’s even cooler ;3)

Then the performances started. There were so many really good ones! I’m so glad we had better seats this year <3 The hosts were pretty funny too, they kept making terrible puns and questionable jokes (like “next up is Ex-Machina and Frisk--” “Oh man my ex used to frisk me, too.” “...okayy then, so next up is Ex-Machina and Frisk from Undertale!” “Yeah that’s exactly where my ex would frisk me!”) but everyone was a good sport and honestly I thought it was hilarious because I am a problematic fave.

Storm did a dance number and was really good! Also, let me illustrate how hardcore she is. At one point she sort of shimmied to the floor and laid on her back and raised one leg, which I thought was part of the dance, but we saw her in a panel the next day and it turned out that her knee actually WENT OUT during the dance, and by raising her leg she popped it back into place. I had no idea at all, it looked like a totally natural part of the routine!!

Miku did what I'm preeeeetty sure was the leek dance (my wife is better with vocaloid knowledge than me u_u)

While Miku was dancing the lights were changing colors and moving! ='D

Kylo Ren and Rei did a light saber fight!

Then all these tiny Catwomen got on stage and I was like YES??? TINY CATWOMEN ARE EXACTLY WHAT I CAME TO SUPERCON FOR?? They did a dance to R-E-S-P-E-C-T and totally nailed it!

Seriously I love them can I adopt them all??

Ariel sang Part of Their World beautifully ;A; She's so pretty too!!

Female Dr. Facilier was AMAZING. She sang the Friends on the Other Side song and her choreography and voice were just perfect!!

She also had an excellent evil laugh at the end ='D

The Wicked Witch sang a song that may or may not have been from Wicked (I'm not really hip xD;;) but her voice was SO GOOD and this was another performance with amazing choreography!

Like during the big finale of the song they unhooked her skirt and it turned out to be this huge sheet of fabric that the soldiers then shook, and it legitimately looked like she was in the middle of a storm or something! It was such a cool effect.

Then there was a Guardians of the Galaxy skit that I laughed so much at and took like twenty pictures of because the cosplayers were just so good and had the best expressions?? The plot was Peter is trying to find a song that Gamora will want to dance to and he keeps trying all these random songs. The Gamora cosplayer is literally perfect with her reactions, LOOK at that sass.

HE'S TRYING SO HARD and she's just like why.

Some of the songs he tried included: My Heart Will Go On, a random honky-tonk line dance, Peanut Butter Jelly Time and what I think was the Nyan Cat song xD

That is a literal "the lord is testing me" face right there xD

Finally Gamora got up, shoved her sword at Peter to hold, and changed the song to Dancing Queen. HIS EXPRESSION I WILL NEVER STOP LAUGHING.


A Naruto group did a recreation of a scene from the show, but unfortunately they didn't have a chance to record their audio ahead of time so it was hard to hear what was going on =(


I'm a terrible fan for forgetting what song they danced to, though I know it was one of the songs I know xD;; They did it really well and were so so cute though *A*

The name of this skit was "Pyramid Head Orders a Pizza, starring Pyramid Head and a Cuban" xDD

This person whose character I forgot (OTL) did a dance to a Vocaloid song~

And last but not least Deadpool Sora did a dance too xD

We left before all the winners were announced to get back to the convention hall to get our pictures done at the photo booth, but I can only imagine how hard it was to narrow down the winners because I saw several performances I’d want to give a prize to!

Nearby the cat rescue booth there was a dog rescue booth and it was puppy sleepy time there!!

While we were at the photo booth we had someone take some pictures of us with our phones xD

Here's an actual serious picture from the photo booth x3
I really wanted to stay for the D&D panel later, but by this time it was almost 8 and I was just wiped out and wanted to be able to enjoy the next day. So the others went to an anime dance panel and I went to catch the shuttle (perfect timing too, I walked out literally right as it pulled up).

But first I found another pretty sailor scout for my waifu~

And I also found the Love Lives and their friend!! THEY'RE JUST TOO CUTE AAAAAA

Hotel anecdote: I forgot to get ice before I took a shower so when I sat down to eat after getting out I realized I had no ice for my soda and had to venture out of my room in my pajamas. I probably looked like a drowned member of KISS because I had giant raccoon eyes from the make-up not being all washed off and my hair was all wet and spiky xD; I really hoped nobody would be around but a family saw me and stared ^^;; It was embarrassing but when ice is needed there’s no time for modesty!


I totally crashed the night before, like I went to bed at 11:30 and did not wake up once the whole night until 9:30 the next morning and actually woke up in the same position I fell asleep in xD I realize getting only three hours of sleep in a 36 hour period is not healthy and should not be done often, but I have to admit it feels really good to sleep so hard afterward ^^;

I knew I would be doing a photoshoot later so I didn't take a lot of time on selfies.

But of course there's always time for a few~~!

I was hoping to catch the noon shuttle but when I got downstairs it was pulling away (exactly like the last time I was Rin….) so I used Uber for the first time. They were handing out free Uber ride cards at the con so I used one of those. (tho later someone said they weren’t really free,but my receipt said it was free so?? I MADE IT TO THE CON WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT AN HOUR, IT’S WORTH THE 5 BUCKS IF I DID HAVE TO PAY.)

When I got to the con first thing I had to go to the cosplay medics because my blueberries came off my vest (I found them later in my bag somehow?? At least I didn't lose them forever!), so I got them to glue on some blue buttons, which ended up looking pretty cute I think.

On the way there Shion and Judy were having a fight xDD

I ran into my friends on the way xD Jasmine and Justine were Green and Red Link

All day if people asked for our picture we would ask if they wanted us to do a serious pose or a swag pose. This was their swag pose xDD

Demon Miku!! I did not understand what the leek had to do with anything until I found out this was an outfit Miku Hatsune wore for like one song and then it made sense xD I love the outfit though, the cape-y part of the dress was so flowy when she walked ='D

Then we set out to shop for last minute purchases. /o/

At this one booth I found my duckling son, and there was also these little Love Live! blind boxes. This other girl heard me and Justine discussing them and wondering what the odds of one of us getting a Rin would be and was like, “hey I’ll buy one and if I get a Rin I’ll trade you, and if anyone gets a Nozomi, trade her to me.” So we all three bought the boxes and opened them and she got a Rin, Justine got a Nozomi and I got a Honoka! We gave the girl Nozomi, I gave Honoka to Justine and the girl gave me Rin-Rin x3 I’m actually curious if this is the secret figure from the boxes because this Rin isn’t the Rin on the outside picture on the box? This Rin is even cuter though so I was even happier!! Thank you random girl for helping me to get her!! <333

The Links found a Blue Link and were very excited xD

Then suddenly swag pose xDD

Somewhere in this vicinity this person from Facebook took my picture and posted it ='D You can see a lot of my costume's detail in it which makes me happy!

I found a cute Nico!!!

So we all shopped for awhile and I got a commission of me and Gina~~

It was based off our Disney picture but since the artist obviously couldn't do the whole Rapunzel skirt I told her to make Gina super pink!! The artist btw is Infected Ellis, the same one whose booth I bought the Haikyuu and Neko Yugioh straps at!!

We all also got interviewed for this web show thing and I said “I’m Rin Hoshizora-nya!!” live on camera. 8D Then we split off for awhile and I looked for more Rins.

I found this tiny itty-bitty Rin ='D I was really looking for the HanaRin figure set from the Happy Maker! series and I found literally every other Love Live from that series except the girlfriends!! ;_; So....when I got home I ordered them off ebay........8D



I also bought my coworkers some pocky, (which I ended up keeping all for myself and eating xDDD) and then met back up with the others for lunch which was shrimp fried rice. (it was like a MASSIVE bowl too, I shared it with Jasmine and we couldn’t even finish it all.)

After lunch we went to get pictures at the photobooth. There was a Free! group ahead of us and there was A MAID RIN.

The universe does not understand how excited I got because I knew this was the exact content Gina would like to see. I'd like to apologize to the maid Rin for getting overly emotional and possibly scaring her!

Also a Haru and a Gou!!

This Dumbledore was AMAZING!

Peppermint Twist was there getting her pictures taken too and I was excited to see her! You see a lot of the mane six and fan favorites but I've never seen a Twist cosplay before, and she's so cute!!

We stopped by the puppy rescue booth again xD

And again at the kitten booth 8D <33333

We saw Liz again too, today she was a pretty Alice!!

Miku found another Vocaloid ='D

This pretty princess lady was really nice! She was from Australia and told us some funny stories of Americans she'd met xD

Pretty Jasmine was near the artist alley when we went back to check on my commission =3

Then it was time for the Runway contest, which I had originally planned to enter, but for some reason it started at 5:30 and you were expected to be there at like 5:15 even though the schedule said it started at 5:45??? So I missed entering, (even though I RAN all the way there in heels of all things...) but it wasn’t so bad because I got a good seat to take pictures of the people who hadn’t gone yet =3 And anytime I can take good pictures I’m happy. xD

Superhero girl!!

Blue baseball player girl? She looks so hardcore, I would not mess with her.

That dude from that show where they go over a garden wall!

A cool Kagome!!

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS RARITY!!! She had lights in her bodice and her dress and parasol were perfect and she's so beautiful aaaaaaaaaa!!

Red from Pokemon! I like that his pikachu has a bandana xD

The Men in Black looked really cool!! They also had their poses perfectly choreographed, which I admired.

Some creepy-cool FNAF children.

Jedi-Joker! I'm not into either fandom but I like all the detail he put into it =3

Squirrelgirl was really energetic and in-character!

A very pretty Danaerys and Melisandre *o*

I have no clue what he was, but his costume has lights and all costumes with lights are automatically cool in my book u_u

A Steven Universe character I think?? She is very orange /o/

Cool big gun dude!!

I like the way this Lapis used the fans to simulate water =3

This is apparently a character from Durarara and yes it was hilarious listening to the announcer try to pronounce Durarara xDD

Tony Stark announcing his new invention, the Iron Spider, which sounds like a terrible plan tbh. I do not want iron spiders?? Pls do not fund this plan!

Winners!! I'm mad I got there late because there was apparently an Inside Out family (you can see Joy and Disgust in the pic!) and I wish I could have caught them because that sounds so cute!!

ANYWAY LET'S ALL TALK ABOUT HOW PRETTY THIS RARITY IS SOME MORE!! <3_<3 She was the Katniss who won two years ago! Apparently big pretty dresses are her expertise!!

We took a swag picture with this dude whose name I thiiink was Handsome Joe or something like that? He was really nice. (Rin doesn't really have a swag pose xDD)

I ran after this Kenma to get a picture and when my friends saw them do the kitty pose they were like "ooooh no wonder this is your favorite character!" xDD Even tho Kenma is actually not my favorite Haikyuu...he is in my top 10. xD

These two were possibly also other Vocaloids?? Honestly unless they're wearing their traditional outfits I'm not good at identifying them xDD They both looked great though!!

Then we went back inside really quick to pick up my commission. We also stopped at another booth because Justine wanted to get a mystery bag.

The booth had these cute necklaces and since it was the last day they were on sale~~ So I got the purple demon wings one for me and the pink angel wings one for Gina! ;D (shhh don't tell her~ ;3)

I pitched in to buy the mystery bag and we all agreed to share whatever was inside. So I ended up with this cute little mochi kitten plush!! And a bracelet and stickers =3

The bracelet makes me think of Fluttershy!

Look at his wittle tail he is so cute ;A;

Then Jasmine and I did a quick photoshoot outside <33 It was really fun and I’m totally going to buy photoshoots from her when me and Gina do our matchy-matchy cosplays~~ ;D

After that at 7 we went to the Post Con Depression panel where we all just chatted about the con and our adventures at it and goofed off and talked about cosplay for two hours xD

The Robin with the cool wings was at it!

The panelists! The girl on the right in the pic is the cosplayer who was Storm the day before!!

I was nervous about missing the last shuttle so I went downstairs around 9. My friends came down not long after because their dad was picking them up and they offered to drive me back to the hotel. Traffic as I expected was terrible =/ I felt so bad and kept apologizing to their dad since he was going out of his way to drop me off, but I did get back to the hotel way earlier than I would have with the shuttle which I was extremely thankful for.

This building nearby was all lit up red white and blue for the 4th of July!!

All in all I had a really good time this year! Last year was fun of course but there were parts of it where I felt like I was just killing time or forcing myself to enjoy it, but this year I didn't feel any of that. I really enjoyed it and was sad for it to end. Onwards to Supercon and Animate (and hopefully Gina!!!!) next year!


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