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Florida Supercon 2016 Recap and Picture Post: Part Two (Second Half of Saturday)

Well folks we've officially reached a point where I have to make a completely separate post just for costume contest pictures. xD

Part One is here and Part Three is here!

The youth division is first which is always exciting because babby cosplayers!!

Lego Guy looks kind of scary in photograph but he was actually very cute and like two feet tall.

These cute Zelda siblings!!! (well, two of them are from Zelda so I'm assuming the third one is too xD)


I guess they're from Undertale? I don't understand kids these days and their spooky scary skellingten games but this picture of them came out good anyway!

This Mikasa is so on point!!! I've seen cosplayers twice her age who didn't look this amazing!! (also I wish that guy with his damn tablet would have not been in my way in every single photo Dx Seriously everyone knows the rule is not to hold your camera higher than your head so that the people behind you can see???)

I don't know what this guy was from but he was awesome.

The amount of sass in this picture is great. Also I love that girl's hair *A*

Badass soldier mech dude??

THIS TINY ASTRID IS PERFECT I HAVE NO WORDS. Apparently she actually made everything herself too! And she's only in the youth category! =O

How gorgeous is she??? <33

Another pretty cosplayer with a pretty dress!!

I was never a Supernatural fan, but the awesome wings on this Castiel tho

I can't remember what she was from, but she won Best Prop!! I have a better picture of her later ='D

Mario on his scooter got a lot of cheers xD

This was a Frozen/Joker-Harley crossover xDD I have to say I really do like how they adapted the costumes to the Frozen characters!

Idk what she is but she looks super cool??

The girl with the cool gun is back with a cool friend!! ='D

Of course it's not a con without a Sora!

I do not have the slightest clue who they are but I am very curious? (I thought the blue girl was a Vocaloid when I saw her by herself but I guess she wasn't!)

Genderbent Elsa and Jack Frost! I love their expressions xD

Eilonwy!! I took a picture of Jaimy/Darling too, but the lights on the stage made her literally light up like a disco ball and idk if that's a picture she'd want me to post? xD

Hellboy and another character I'm assuming is also from Hellboy 8D;; /knows nothing

Another character I don't know but she's so pretty!!!

A sexy League of Legends group~~

I love the way this Robin had her wings designed!!

Super cool Assassin's Creed girl =D

Poison Ivy! You see a lot of Ivy cosplayers, but I really liked this one's cloak =3

I think she's one of the people I saw preparing =3 So cool!!

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy!! They were really cute, Pinkie came running out on stage first and then turned and coaxed Fluttershy to come out x3

I don't need to know who her character is to know she looks awesome.

Cool warrior/fighter dude! (if you haven't noticed a pattern yet I will take a picture of anyone I think is cool even if I have no idea who they are xD)

The amount of sass and attitude in this picture is too great for me to handle omg

Nick and Judy!! I thought it was cute seeing the heights reversed x3

Eeveelutions!! I'm pretty sure they were a themed group too but unfortunately I missed what they were =(

Around this time I noticed someone in the crowd waving an IT'S OVER 9000 spinner thing xD

No clue who they are but I would DEFINITELY NOT fuck with them.

The pretty Merida again! =D

Apparently this character is named Jinx? (Or Jynx?) I love her shark gun ='D

DARK MAGICIAN GIRL AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! She's so sassy and pretty I love it!!

I am putting my marriage with Gina at risk by saying this but I have to be honest, I thought this minion cosplay was pretty cute xD Plus I think it's awesome when people take a disability and use it to create something fun and unique!

Dark Magician was in the contest! I cheered really loud for him and might have startled my seatmates u_u;

Ghost Rider, now with a cool mask and friend!! It probably goes without saying that they won a prize xD

Princess Peach Princess Peach? Look I'm not hip but I don't have to be to know those outfits are great okay u_u

I don't know who she is either but look at those cool steampunk wings!!


I honestly have no words to even describe this. How does a person not only design something like this but make it into a functional costume???

Another one of the cool warrior girls!!

A cool/scary knight/angel person?? (another person I would not fuck with.)

She's so pretty and I wish I remembered what she was dressed as!!

The longer I look at her outfit the more I love about it. So much detail!! Apparently she also had a tail as a train?? I think the wings with the little flowers and chains are my favorite detail but it's hard to choose!

Abe Lincoln paid a visit xDD

A Beauty and the Beast group!! They were really cool, I wish I could have gotten a better picture 3=

And the winners!!!

I headed to the front to take pictures and Pinkie Pie was there =D

Look at the details on that prop! That's not even mentioning her outfit!

Justine won a prize again!!! Best youth second year in a row~

Things got a little weird when we were supposed to go backstage with her to get Jaimy and Jasmine’s things though. This was the only bad part of the con because we got separated and couldn’t find her. I would like to note it was entirely the security at the theatre's fault, the con staff and volunteers were really helpful. The security wouldn’t let us go backstage with her (even though she’s a minor….and it’s probably not okay to have minors wandering around alone??) and wouldn’t let us wait out front of the stage (literally they were like, "either find a seat for the next show or leave D<") so a con staff volunteer got us backstage to get their things but Justine was missing when we got there. Luckily she was on the ball and wherever it was she ended up she found con staff to come search for us and they got us reunited. (When the staff came to get us they were like, “your sister’s in the office, I’ll take you to her” and I started following them and they gave me this sort of confused look like, “...adopted sister? Maybe?” xD Yes, I am the adopted big sister! The one dressed in school girl pajamas wrapped in a blankie! That's me!) Everything was okay but the whole situation didn’t need to have happened at all if they had just let us go with her. >.< Then we got lost trying to find the convention center from the theatre and joined Hades and Ursula in walking around to find our way xD;; They were trying to flag a taxi but every taxi that saw them kept going. (I wonder why xDDD;) We finally Google Mapped it and got directions back to the center front ^^;;

There were actual protesters at the con omg. I wanted to ask them where in the Bible it says we can’t dress up as anime characters. The great thing is they were yelling their usual hateful stuff so Hades yelled back at them to stop taking his business, and Ursula yelled at them “I don’t remember Jesus ever telling people to be cruel to others!” and we were all like oooooooo.

There was a police car parked right in front of them (hence the weird blue-green tint in the selfie) Idk if the police were there to keep them under control or to keep the con guests from attacking them? I was happy the police had an eye on things, though tbh I felt super safe with Hades and Ursula. I mean nobody was going to fuck with them lbr. xD

Back at the con I watched like 5 minutes of the dance contest before heading for the Love Live slumber party panel. Weirdly when I got there, there was a sign on the door saying it was cancelled and I was all =C But the other door to the room had no sign, so I figured I’d peek in and the worst that could happen was it’d be an empty room. But there were people and they were like, “Hey Rin! Come on in!”

I guess what happened was the original panelists couldn’t make it so it was going to be canceled, but then these people who had originally come FOR the panel decided to try hosting it themselves.

I told them about the sign so they took it down and put it on the wall instead xD

It was disorganized and random, but honestly not the worst panel I’ve ever been to by a long shot. We sang Start Dash really badly and some of the people danced and Nozomi did the entire Nico monologue which was really impressive xD

Nozomi, Nico and Umi!!

Dancing to our horribly-sang Start Dash xD

Nico and Umi danced to another song I don't know (I think it's only in Japan SIF) and did a really good job! I wish I could dance like a cute anime idol girl 3=

At 12:45 I left for the shuttle, because I heard the last one was at 1:15 and I was NOT about to risk getting stranded in Miami Beach at night. (I skipped the hentai panel because of this, because it ended at 2:00 I think and I was will the people get home?? I’m concerned about them. I hope they’re okay.) Some super drunk girl climbed inside the display outside and nearly flattened me with cardboard while I was waiting =|

The scene of the almost-squashing-Chey crime

I got back to the hotel  around 1:40 but didn’t go to bed until like 3:30 or fall asleep until 4 because I had to eat and shower and chill out. xD #partyhard


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