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Florida Supercon 2016 Recap and Picture Post: Part One (Friday and First Half of Saturday)

AYYYYY GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS! Time for Chey's yearly Supercon recap and picture posts that's what! As always, the pictures are free for taking if you find one of you or a friend that you want. Remember that if you'd like, just message me on my tumblr and I'll be happy to send you the bigger/hi-res file if I have it! =3 (Some of these were cropped and sharpened to make them as good as they'll get, but others look perfectly nice in the fullsize.)

This year I took so many pictures that I've had to actually make the Costume Contest a separate entry! So many amazing costumes *o* Make sure to check it out!!

Everything went surprisingly smoothly on my Thursday drive up. No sudden panics when I realized I forgot something, no major traffic issues, and I felt pretty confident about where I was going! Uuuuuntil my GPS told me to turn left onto a road that didn’t have a left (I would have driven into a wall if I turned left there?? Either that or someone stuck the 3d ave sign where the 4th ave sign should have been) and I drove by the exit and ended up driving around in pretty much a circle for a half hour because I kept missing the turn-offs I was supposed to take OTL City driving will never be easy for me. Luckily the GPS stayed chill and even though it caused the problem it also helped me through it, so thank goodness for that.

I also managed to carry all my stuff to my room in three trips which is a record for me, at the expense of nearly dislocating an arm and being side-eye laughed at by these fashionista girls who saw me dropping things left and right =/ When will I get smart and buy a cart? Who knows! (probably next year since I'm hoping to do Supercon and Animate)

This year I hit the jackpot on hotel room views! My window perfectly faced the waterway!! It was exciting, I even got to see a freighter get pulled by with tugboats =3

My friends got to the hotel later that night and came to hang out with me for a bit. They brought me a belated birthday present!

A pretty Madoka print, a Free! luggage tag and a cute plush x3 Also Jaimy paid for a photoshoot with Jasmine for me! <33 I can't wait until I get the pictures back *o*


I was ready around 11:30 and caught the noon bus with my friends. I didn’t really take many selfies of Absol this year since I got so many good ones from last year u_u But here is one showing my eye make-up~

I did it without the top blue coat at first but it looked meh and undefined, so I went over it again with the eyeliner u_u

Obligatory bathroom selfie

We got to the con around 1 because the driver was kinda slow =/ There were quite a few panels I was interested in but only a few that were must-dos, so at first I forewent them in favor of shopping and cosplay picture taking and pizza-eating xD;

This cute/scary demon girl is from either Death Note or Dangan Ronpa! I like her scythe a lot >3

This group was just inside the dealer's room doors and I knew I had to get a picture of the cute Vocaloid for Gina!! I think the other two are from Fire Emblem? They're adorable either way x3

There were SO MANY Ladybug/Chat Noir cosplayers at Supercon this year, but this was one of my favorites because of how energetic and fun she was!

And of course there were Frees~ I liked the pose these two did a lot, it's different from the usual poses I see!

THIS TIANA IS SO PERFECT HELP ME (+ bonus Jaimy photobombing xD)

My friend Solange from my writing group!! She's so pretty and she made this whole cosplay herself you guys =O (she also had her phone stolen while at the con =( So if anyone out there has pictures of her let me know!! I want to send them to her <3)


I can't stop flailing over this tol Eugene and smol Rapunzel!!!! THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE <333

While I was walking around a seller was like, "ABSOL!! You need a tiny Absol friend! =D" She gave me a discount on him xD

Some pretty princesses hanging out~

Madoka and Homura! I like that Homu is making sure nobody suffers from germs u_u

I got really excited to find this Bakura =DD We chatted and it turns out she does 3D modeling! If anyone out there needs a Millennium Item or other prop, hit her up at Vaguely Genius!! Her work is awesome, that Millennium Ring was perfect <3

It took me awhile but I finally found my sunshine Son!!

He's happy at my home now with his friends ='D

Absol found a cute Glaceon~~

The guy who did the sleepy filly print I got last year had his booth there again! He's so energetic and friendly. =3 He also had a lot of cool art for other cool fandoms and was showing me them and I was like, "...tbh I'm here for that flutterdash. 8D"

Moana and tiny Rainbow Dash!! Lil Rainbow Dash was so cute, she kept flipping her skirt and posing. ;A;

This Leafeon is adorablllleeeee! I really like how she did the skirt =D

Rei was there! Look at him, what a cute nerd ='D

I walked past the booth with this Kyoko and looked at her multiple times. Every time I hoped she would be sold to remove the temptation from me because PMMM isn't even one of my top 5 fandoms and I do not need more straps considering how many Yugioh straps I have on order rn xD But she was there every time so on like the fifth time I bought her ^^;;

Confession: I've never actually watched Howl's Moving Castle. (this will change once Gina and I start our Studio Ghibli movie watching calls!) but I think that frying pan is such a cute creative prop!

I met back up with my friends who were getting food before the runway contest and on our way out of the food court I saw this cute Mami cosplayer ^^ We headed for the Cosplay Medics first (who we all ended up visiting a lot over the weekend xD) because my headspike kept coming off, and then upstairs for the contest.

I entered the runway contest and didn’t win anything, but I still felt pretty good because a lot of people cheered for me and told me I was their fave and my ego was happy xD

Merida was in the contest too! Her wig is so perfect <33

Raven was there too! We were lunch buddies earlier because when I sat down in the hall to eat my pizza she was sitting across from me. I love her make-up!

Cute bunny girl here is from Dangan Ronpa! /is entirely too proud of remembering this fact

This Miguel and Tulio won a prize!! I was so happy for them because they are awesome. =D Also in an only-in-Florida moment a guy dressed as "publix employee" (literally a dude in a Publix uniform) won a prize xD People were screaming for him, that's how important Publix is to us.

A cute Lucy from Fairy Tail!

After the contest I went to a very serious panel:
The most serious of all panels u_u

It was pretty good. The panelist was funny and doing her best to engage everyone, but it wasn’t  the greatest thing ever. (to be fair the audience was not really participating well) There was a really funny part though when they had a RinHaru and a MakoHaru shipper make up a date night for their ship and we had to vote on whose was better. The RinHaru shipper won, which I agreed with since hers was more in character imo (Rin decides to take Haru down to the beach to confess his love and makes it all fancy with candles lighting the way and they get there and Rin is like  “Haru I have to tell you my true feelings, I love you” and Haru was like “...but the ocean is right there what if it’s jealous??” xD)

Also this xDDD (ahem I'd just like to note that my Free! ship was not represented at this panel at all and I want my money back)

After that went to an anime improv panel and omg I almost died laughing at it. I love improv so much xD They did a few different improv games; I participated in one where I was supposed to be Gary Oak and I had to complain to this person about my problems and the person had to guess who I was based on the things I said. She actually didn’t guess Gary though even though I made a big deal about how I liked to write on signs where I’d been and how much better I was than someone else and that I didn’t like people with red and white hats. xD

Because I participated, they gave me a cute sprout hairclip! =3

A girl there was making them and selling them and by the end of the con half the people there had sprouts in their hair xD

There was another game that consisted of two people being given a random place and situation, and three well-known quotes (could be from movies or memes or anime or whatever) and they had to act out a scene and each use those three quotes at some point. But the catch was neither the audience nor them knew what the quotes were going to be. Whenever they decided they wanted to use one they would just pull the paper out, open it and read it. The location was a volcano and the situation was “trying to be a good parent” which is ridiculous already. So they did a scene with a mother and son in a volcano and the son is freaking out that they’re going to die and they start fighting over her parenting skills and I don’t remember the other quotes they used, but at the end the son was like, “I’m going to jump into that lava pit, I don’t want to die here slowly with you!” and the mom is like, “wait, son! I have something really important that I need to tell you!” and she pulled out her last quote paper and unfolded it and goes: “JUST DO IT.”

I’m describing this badly but trust me I was crying from laughing so hard.This panel was awesome, 10/10 would go to again.

Cute little Princess Peach was there!!

By then it was 11 and I was like 5000% done with my wig and gloves, so I decided to go wait for the bus. (which didn’t get there til 11:30 or leave til 11:50 =/)

On the way down I had to stop for a picture of Sailor Mars (I think!) for my kohai though!!

This group was downstairs waiting on the bus too. They look so cool!! oAo That dude has a perfect DBZ wig, I think he made a contract with Kyubey.


After how restrictive Absol’s cosplay was, pajama Rin was really nice and comfy to wear xD I bragged all day about how I was the most comfortable person at the convention. I knew I would freeze to death in it so I wore a blanket as well u_u Practically nobody noticed me, but that was okay because the con was so crowded and crazy that not being stopped for pictures was a relief ^^;;

There was extra security and bag checks this year after what happened in Orlando, but I have to say they had things super organized. It was really busy (they sold out of tickets for Saturday) but I think we only stood in line to get in for a couple minutes if that.

Sayaka was waiting in line with us!

My friends headed for prejudging first thing.

Justine as Alice from Alice: the Madness Returns, version three! (she was like "nobody is going to want to see me as another version of Alice" xD Well, tell that to the judges who awarded her Best Youth again!!)

Jasmine as Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron~ (based off a particular artwork of her)

She had little lights in her cauldron to make it all magical and glowy!

And Jaimy as Darling Charming from Ever After High!

Her shoes were extremely fantastic.

Because all the great cosplayers are in the contest lurking around the pre-judging line is a great way to get pictures~

I mean look at her! Her dress is gorgeous but I really love her accessories <3

I caught this very Hinata-like Jolteon walking by

I think these girls were from Dragon Age but regardless they look badass (and won a prize!)

Dark Magician!! =D Always excited to see Yugioh represent~

Hades and Ursula were AMAZING. He even had a fan in his hat that made his little paper flame constantly move like actual fire! They won a prize and completely deserved it imo. They were super nice too, we ended up walking with them later after the contest.

I caught Kyoko on her way by too! She was very in-character actually eating something atm xD (thank you for being a good sport Kyoko I'm sorry I interrupted your meal!)

An irl sunshine child!!!

Also my son and some kitty volleyball children x3

I found my people ='D (I was eating dippin dots for brunch /hides from Gina behind the couch)

I love this Honoka because Honoka would definitely be eating pizza!!!

They're so cuuuuute I wanna do a Love Live! group and be HanaRin with Gina so badly!!!!!

They were all awesome, thanks for letting me take pictures with you guys!!

Mario and Link were hanging out with their bikes xD

The judges went on lunch break before my friends went in so Jasmine sent me on a mission to get safety pins and glue a magnet back to her ring. I went downstairs to the cosplay medics and got myself some nachos on the way u_u

I found some cute eeveelutions on the way including a Sailor Umbreon!

This awesome gun girl was at the cosplay medics when I was there. There was a drill attached to the back of her gun and she could make the barrels actually spin!

After they finished judging we walked around and shopped because Jasmine had school the day before and hadn't gotten to explore the dealer's floor.

We also found a White Rabbit for Alice x3

Another cute Rei! Where were all the Nagisas tho?

He is Groot u__u

All these cool superhero people had moving parts or lights to their costumes and that never fails to impress me.

Snow White and the Evil Queen looking flawless o3o

Alice and another Alice!

Look at this adorable faun girl!!!

I in absolutely no way needed an etched mirror of Rainbow Dash so guess what's now hanging on my wall!! (I accidentally took this picture before I took the price sticker off so I scribbled over it with a meme in Paintshop xD)

Another Alice! It was funny, after seeing no other Alices at all we found two within the same hour xD

VERY important straps u_u One artist did the neko Yugioh and one did the Haikyuus and I don't remember which was which but both are very talented!!

This necklace reminded me of Madoka 83 This booth had a lot of really pretty and neat things!!

In the food court I found David Bowie/the Goblin King. His wife was dressed as the princess from the movie and they had a baby and everything xD (I heard they made the baby themselves 8D)

We got lunch and I had a crepe with strawberries and nutella which may or may not count as healthy? xD There were no empty tables so we went into the hall to eat but even the downstairs hall was crowded so we went upstairs.

On the way there were cute eeveelutions!

Upstairs these two were walking around singing Scooby-Doo Where Are You. They never even missed a beat when people stopped them for pictures and they are baby!Chey's heroes /o/

While we were sitting upstairs eating the fire alarm went off and this recorded voice came over the speakers saying, "Attention convention guests, we are experiencing an emergency in the building. Please proceed in an orderly fashion to the exits."

So we all did as we were told and went outside and milled around very confused.

I found a super cute Hinata so it wasn't all for naught! Every time I see a Hinata it makes me wanna be HinaYachi with Gina even MORE ;___;

Danaerys was on the scene in case of fire.

A bunch of security and official looking people appeared out of nowhere to confer, although tbh this looks more like they're discussing the right way to set a volleyball. xD

They let us back in like 10 minutes later. I guess nobody was super worried because while we were outside we could SEE people still chilling in the building and shopping. I’m glad to know a possible fire did not deter some people from finding their perfect waifu statue. (we later learned that you could barely even hear the alarm in the dealer's room so nobody in there even knew what was going on) Nobody knows what it was, but the main theory says someone accidentally set the fire alarm off.

By this time it was time for the people in the contest to line up. I hung around for as long as I could to get some pictures.

Look at these Ever After High cuties! <3

Ghost Rider made a frickin MOTORCYCLE for his cosplay. People in the costume contest are too hardcore for me to even breathe the same air honestly.

I love this Sailor Moon's wings and her wig is so smooth!! How???

There was a booth for a cat rescue nearby and it had kittens at it I WANTED TO CRY LOOK AT THE LIL SLEEPING ANGELS

Such a pretty Sylveon!!! <33

I found Solange again! I love this costume, the details on it are just amazing =D

These cosplayers had a whole clothing rack worth of props and costume stuff they were prepping for the contest. Again I will never be this hardcore in my life.

I wanted to make sure I had a decent seat for the contest so I couldn't hang out too long. I went out to the theatre where it was being held early, and had to sit through an hour of a Steven Universe panel which was...awkward. (though I have to say the VAs were very nice and seemed to be having fun, so that’s good.)

Proof of the things I do.

But it was worth it because I waited for the panel to end and then got a seat in the second row of the tiered seating /o/ I couldn’t get perfect pictures from there, but I could at least take SOME and that’s definitely better than nothing x3 And if nothing else I at least had a good view to watch!!

Before the costume contest apparently cheerleaders for the Florida Marlins dressed up and did a routine?

It was very random but they also did this which I have to admit was kind of awesome.

Click here to see the costume contest pics!!

Part Two~ and Part Three~

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