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Florida Supercon 2015 Recap and Picture Post Part Two: Saturday and Sunday

Part One is here!


Protip: the night that you’re too tired to even brush your teeth before you go to bed, DON’T EAT GARLIC HUMMUS. I woke up at 7 with the most horrendous taste in my mouth and had to go gargle so I could crash back out until 10 without being disgusting. Knowledge! /o/

I didn’t have any big panel plans and I wanted to make sure I got a ton of pictures of my Rin cosplay since this was its debut, so I took a long time for selfies and room pictures u_u

idk why but my one sleeve kept turning itself inside like that Dx

The paper stars really have nothing to do with Rin but they gave me something to pose with? Also my tablet takes pixelated pictures wow.

The stars also gave me something to hide behind xD

You're like looking up my nose in this picture which really bothers me, but it's the only one I have where you can see my bow and ruffly shorts so we all must endure xD

I stood in front of the window to take this one and really liked how the lighting came out! <3 I just wish I had a better background than the messy bed. ;_;

Kisses~ Did I mention I spent a lot of time camwhoring? xD

Jasmine texted that they were waiting for the 12:30 shuttle so I booked it downstairs and made it outside just as the shuttle arrived, but SO many people were waiting there wasn’t enough room on it. Which meant like another 45 minute/hour wait probably. D=

When I got in line a girl up ahead (the Juuzou cosplayer below) saw me and yelled “RIN!! You are so on point!” So naturally since she complimented me I went over to say hello and give her a lucky star, and we took some pics. Then her mom (?) came over and asked if she and her new friends all wanted to just go in on renting one of the hotel vans, (it was only $5 a person) which we were all super okay with! So thanks to my Rin cosplay I got a ride with them instead of having to wait 5ever. =DD We had a Rin, a Kaneki, a Juuzou, a Sylveon, a character I don’t know (my mom asked if she was a hippie), and a Mable Pines. We named ourselves Best Squad.

We went over a bump right when I took Kaneki's picture so it was blurry, but luckily I got a better one later u_u

The streets around the convention center were PACKED. The line for tickets for people who hadn’t pre-registered went around the building, and the building is HUGE. It was actually terrifying. I tried throughout the day to take pictures of the crowds and my pictures just don’t do it justice.


I expected the craziness based on past Saturdays at Supercon, but I still feel bad for anyone who didn’t anticipate it and didn’t pre-reg. Always pre-reg, kids.

There were a lot of cute cosplayers waiting in line, like this Sailor Moon and Sakura!

So was this pretty Rose =3

After we all made it out of the van we took a bunch of pictures of each other u_u

A good picture of Kaneki! I was seriously impressed with his arm things xD

The cute Sylveon had a Sylveon phone case, it was adorable =3= (Also random Kaneki texting while it looks like his arms are trying to creep on the Sylveon xD)


Here we all are together. Bestest squad there ever was =')

At the con Jaimy and co found me outside quickly since they were on the bus that arrived at around the same time we did. My pictures of them came out blurry though! DDD= I was so sad.

This one was salvageable luckily since it's the only picture I have of Justine with her sword! But unfortunately my picture of Jasmine as Mako was just a blurry mess ;___;

This Little Red Riding Hood was adorable x3

I have no idea who she is but this girl looks amazing!!

Jaimy as human!Luna~ I love her dress so much. Handkerchief layered hems are my favorite dress style *A* The blue parts were actually more purple irl, my camera's color settings just went for blue for some reason.

After we got some food and found a place to sit I made her do a standing picture of it so I could flail over the dress again xD

There was a Tokyo Ghoul group inside x3

We were on our way to the food court area but I had to stop for this picture:

The original husbando!! <3 Playing into my secret love of megane!Yami And yes I did save this picture bigger than the others. xD It's a Yami, how could I not!! Apparently there was also a Dark Magician Girl and an Asuka there but I missed them both =(

I actually stopped for several more cosplayers too. xD I'm that annoying friend in the group that has to take pictures of everything.

But how could I say no to a picture of these awesome SNKs???

Or this beautiful Rarity?? (How is she even wearing those shoes to a con HOW)

I tried to take a picture of the crowd while we waited for everyone to get their food, but nothing could really capture just how busy it was.

These Madokas (and a loli) were also there in the food court 8D I really like dat Kyubey. xD The Kyoko is super cute too!

My friends had to go to pre-judging, which I tagged along to long enough to take some pictures of the other people waiting.

This Avatar group was awesome. That Aang's glider really could open and close! =O

They ded. Also Annie is over there demonstrating what kicking a person when they're down means ^^;;

THIS GIRL IS TOO GORGEOUS FOR WORDS. She was some sort of princess I think?

I think this girl is from Dragon Age? I really really love her whole look but especially the glowing sword. I love glowing props oAo

There was even a person dressed as a raptor xD

I guess this Beast Boy's gloves were attached to his suit because he saw me with my gloves off while at the bus stop and asked if he could use my hands to check something on his phone, and then when at the con he saw me again and was like "I NEED YOUR HANDS AGAIN." He was so nice though x3

A person from Fairy Tail and another person who I think ISN'T from Fairy Tail, but they look awesome??

LOOK AT THIS FANTASTIC URSULA. LOOK AT HER. HOW DO PEOPLE DO COSPLAYS LIKE THIS. (she even had the eels on the back of her dress!)

At this point I had wandered away from the judging area but there were so many cosplayers everywhere I didn't have to stay in one place to find them. xD


I want the job of being Ariel tbh xDD (Also you can't really see it but she's brushing her hair with a fork in this picture!)

I think she's supposed to be a jack-in-the-box? Her whole group was delightfully spooky. Thank you for not eating my soul when I sat next to you to check my phone xDD


There was a fantastic La Muerte!

This Sailor Pluto (?) looked amazing! I love her prop and still don't know how cosplayers can wear boots like that.

Here's Katniss and a tiny Spiderman x3

I found Starlord too when I went downstairs to use the photobooth. (which I have no pictures from because I'm like 99% sure they'll never post mine BECAUSE THEY NEVER DO Dx) He was really nice. x3

While downstairs I found Rin (who was Honoka the day before)!

Look at this cuteness (why is one of my socks randomly drooping? Nobody knows!)

One of her friends was dressed as Kotori, which I didn't recognize at first because I can't recognize Kotori without her hair flippy. xD I hung out with them for a bit.

My futile attempt again to show how crowded it was ^^;

I had to force my way through the crowd though to catch this Celestia and Luna. They're so adorable!! *3* Look at the teeny Luna!!

This cool looking person was outside when I went to make a phone call. /o/

So was this amazing-looking cosplayer! I feel like I should recognize his character but I just don't OTL He was super complimentary of my Absol cosplay the next day and I was just blushing and was like "BUT LOOK HOW AMAZING YOU LOOK THO"

Later I headed back into the dealers room to meet up with Jaimy and everyone and do some more shopping and pick up my watercolor commission.

Commission ALL the trashbags 8D

By this point (like 4:30/5) my feet were completely killing me and I just took my shoes off and ran around in socks the rest of the day xD (I still thought I was pretty cute without the shoes u_u)

It is clearly a law that every Ursula must be extremely fabulous because LOOK AT HER. That dress! Her crown!

This Rose's wig was completely amazing. This picture doesn't do it justice, those curls were FLAWLESS.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE IS BUT SHE'S PRETTY (Also that dude behind her is totally wearing Kinos)

A pretty Kill la Kill and Naruto xD

Sylveon and Inuyasha hanging out =D

I spotted a Korra firebending in the crowd xD No word on how the Fire Marshal felt about it but I like that there's a random caution sign right next to her.

Apparently the girl in white is the Night Light from something called the Guardians of Childhood? Her outfit lit up =D

I had originally not intended to go to the costume conest after my awful experience with the crowds 2 years ago. Since my friends were heading over super early though (like an hour before it started) I decided to randomly see if I could get a good seat. I figured it I could then awesome, if I couldn’t, then I’d go back to my original plan of picking some random panels to hang out in. As it was, I got lucky enough to get a decent seat! It wasn’t the best by any means, but I could see the stage (when idiots weren’t standing in the aisle in front of me…>_>) and even get some pictures. (though not great ones, so unfortunately there's not any better high-res pics of any of the contest photos. What you see is the best I could crop.)

Captain America was sitting next to me and wasn't shy about demanding people move out of the way, so that was handy. xD Here he is with Abe Lincoln. YAY MURICA.

This Sailor Moon passed by too. I really like her mane =3

I feel like I should know this anime ^^;; They were a cute couple though and kissed on stage =3=

A fabulous Ho-oh gijinka!

I spliced two pictures of this guy together because I really wanted to show both his sword and helmet xD His armor is so detailed!

Xana-possessed William! Not only is any Code Lyoko cosplay cool, I talked to this guy after the contest and that sword is made out of STEEL. LEGIT CARBON STEEL. (how security even let him in with it idk because you could totally kill someone with it.) I tried to pick it up and couldn't lift it more than an inch or so off the ground. AND HE SWUNG IT IN THE AIR. He said that for that pose he literally just put every bit of energy he had into it and basically collapsed when he was offstage.

I don't actually know how to feel about this at all xD

This Fluttershy's dress is so flowy!!

I have no idea who this person is cosplaying but it looks cool?

This Rapunzel is so cute AND HER HAIR GLOWS

A very very orange Homestuck.

I thiiink she's Madam Red from Black Butler? I just really like her dress.

It's not a con without Panty and Stocking xD

Another human Luna from Sailor Moon!

Idk who this guy was cosplaying but one of those little sphere things fell off onstage and someone yelled "YOU LOST ONE OF YOUR BALLS"

She was a Tank Girl/Ariel hybrid? I'm not sure what the inspiration for that crossover was, but I like all the details in her costume and it's pretty badass.

Alpha Toothless gijinka! I really wish this girl had won a prize. I loved her wings, and also she had blue lights on her back that could light up! I didn't get a picture of them sadly =(

I'm not a big Edward Scissorhands fan but this cosplay was really well done =O

THIS WAS LIKE A ONCE IN A LIFETIME SHOT. I happened to catch Katara at the perfect moment and it looks like she's actually bending water =D

Some Kingdom Hearts (again, not a con without them u_u)

An Evangelon group. That Shinji tho xD

This girl again! I'm obsessed with her costume.

Her wings are just so amazing!!

A cool Jem and Pizzazz duo

La Muerte on the stage~

Kyubey! They look so cute and innocent but we know better u_u


Han Solo and a Wookie xD Like 99% sure this is the same person who cosplayed female!Kristoff and Sven, and I love the fact that she has a theme of carrying giant plushes for her cosplays. x3

I don't know who they are but omg the sass in the archer girl's pose is so cute


The Yami cosplayer again ='D I might have screamed loudly and startled the people sitting next to me when it was his turn on stage. u///u

2. Her character was an OC called the Imperial Queen or something along those lines, but for those who have read the Lunar Chronicles, please tell me I'm not alone in imagining Queen Levana?
3. IT'S MADE OUT OF PAPER, SERIOUSLY. (yes she won a prize)

There is actually a person in that costume. (Again I spliced two into one pic so you could see both angles) Look at this, this thing is a work of art. Apparently he scared everyone into thinking he'd passed out backstage because he laid down. Turns out that was the only way to get the costume off. ^^;

A pretty princess <3 Possibly Aurora?

I think she's a steampunk princess? Look at all the details on her outfit! They don't call it the Masters division for nothing.

The best part of sticking around: Justine won the youth division prize!! =D I was so happy I was there for that. And after the contest I was able to find Solange from my writing group! I was hoping to run into her ^^

She was cosplaying Zero Suit Samus. I love her glowing whip/gun! She sewed all the details onto her body suit WHILE WEARING IT.

Here we are together ^^ Writing dorks at Supercon~

Some Kill la Kills hanging out in the front hall!

Our winner!! <33 With Mako's bat instead of her sword xD

This girl was another one of the winners. I didn't get a picture of her onstage, so I was psyched when I saw her outside! Her prop looks so cool, I don't know where to begin with it =O

After all the excitement we headed outside to wait on our shuttle, and then it was back to the hotel.

Bus selfies xD

It was a later night than I planned, but worth it. I'm happy I stayed for the contest <3 Despite my feet trying to murder me it was a good day. x3 I felt super cute and confident in my cosplay and it was fun being Rin! I definitely want to wear it again, but only on a short con day. Those shoes are just not my thing.

That night I noticed something odd though. That Total Bank building from the first day? It was turning rainbow colors!

The colors would cycle through the rainbow like every 30 seconds. At this point I hadn’t heard about the supreme court decision so I was like “wtf with this trippy building!” xD I guess they did it for Pride, seeing as it was Miami Beach and all =3 It was really pretty!


Pokemon gijinka day!

I've plastered this selfie on every site I'm on because shots like this don't happen every day okay

This was kind of my default pose. The only downside was turning my head to face the camera meant it was hard to see my wig spike, and I worked really hard on getting my bangs to make that spike. xD

Am I cool yet This cosplay made me want to cosplay Shun

I'm accidentally doing the Rin pigeon-toed pose in this shot (I guess I hadn't reset my mind from the day before's cosplay yet and still had her poses in mind xD) but I still really like it because you can see the tattering on my coat x3

I aimed to catch the 11:30 bus and it was actually right on time, which was a miracle and I only had to wait outside for like 10 minutes. There were some cosplayers waiting too:

My mom loves Abby from NCIS, so I got really excited to find this Abby cosplayer =D She was nice and gave me a hug

This Sailor Moon is so beautiful I can'ttttt <3____<3

My cosplay was surprisingly popular! I mean I was pleased with it, and I figured it would be liked, but I swear there were moments where people were lining up to take a picture of or with me. I mean like I said, that guy in the AMAZING red coat cosplay kept complimenting ME and I was do I handle this praise. I hadn’t expected people to like it that much. Not that I’m complaining about all the positive attention of course xD This was my second successful pokemon gijinka, maybe I need to make a habit out of it! It was pretty comfortable, and it was nice that I had a place to put my camera. I really liked having a mask too so I could hide my chin and nose. ^^;; The only downside to it was I couldn’t really see at all out of my left eye, so I had no peripheral vision on that side, and no depth perception because of it. I had Justine walk beside me a few times like a guide pony (because she was dressed as Apple Bloom) so I didn’t run into people xD

I found this Rin and Haru right when I got inside and I took this picture specifically for you, Gina xD <3

I was heading to pick up my commission when I got stopped for pictures, and one of the people was this dude whose name I never did get even though we hung out on three of the days. ^^;

He had these goggles with flashing rave lights on them and I was fascinated so I told him to put them on and tried and failed to take a picture of them xD; Just trust me that they were cool.

He was going to a Worbla panel and invited me to join, so I decided to do that instead. Worbla looks really interesting, I’d like to try using it someday.

This Danny and Sam were there and they’re PERFECT. Seriously that Sam is flawless and also reviving my childhood crush I may or may not have had on her.

After that we headed downstairs for my commission

Husbando sketchpage x3 Look at these dorks. I'm too obsessed for my own good it is actually becoming puzzleshipping 2.0. I was up at 1 in the morning googling for doujinshi of them for sale and I need therapy. Also Yuuto stop shoving your hair in your boyfriend's face that's rood

Then I went to find Jaimy and co, which took like a half hour of lingering around one of the halls, but it was good for cosplay watching. Also there was this little boy about 4 or 5, he was so cute asking to take a picture with me. He had a rose (idk why) and as they were walking off his dad was teasing him like, “Are you gonna give that rose to anyone or just hang onto it?” And the boy turned around and said “I can give it to her!” and gave it to me! =’DD It was so sweet I wanted to melt. So of course I kept it for the rest of the day <3

Some Arabian Frees x3 Those cosplays look like so much fun.

I'm not a big superhero/comics fan but not only did this Joker and Harley have excellent costumes and make-up, I about died laughing when I saw the random Batman doll in the stroller xD

Pinkie and Rainbow!! I was so happy to see so many cute ponies at the con x3

She is actually not a fancy version of the Chesire Cat (as I thought she was), but her costume still totally kicks ass.

CUTE RIN ALERT Why didn't I think of doing this pose

Once I found my crew we headed off for shopping and lunch.

This Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy hung out with us for awhile.

Absol and pony friends =3 (Not my picture, found it on tumblr)

We all pooled our money to buy five bags of mini doughnuts for lunch 8D (sorry Gina)

On the way to get the doughuts I saw this awesome Kuzco and Yzma duo xD I love their expressions!

While waiting for our doughnuts to get done I saw a tiny Rainbow Dash across the food court and was like "I'LL BE RIGHT BACK" and ran to ask her dad if I could take her picture. SHE'S SO CUTE ASLKFJ;ADKLFJ

Speaking of small cute ponies /o/ I really love this Twilight's silly socks. They add so much to her character xD

This Daphne is absolutely flawless and is bringing back my childhood

This guy wanted to know if I had a moment to talk about our lord and savior

He makes a valid point tbh.

Fun fact: I actually said "praise Madoka" at work today when the paper I had ordered finally came in so I guess I was a successful conversion xD

Normally Sunday is the day of “oh I have money left in my wallet, better spend that even if I don’t need any of this stuff 8D” but I was good this year! I only bought one thing this day u_u

The Momo and Nitori charm (featured here with a better picture of the Nitori button from day one)

I kind of wanted to get more commissions (besides the trashbag husbandos……..but also more trashbag husbandos.) but Sunday was a bad day for that because the artists can only take what they can get done that day, so I didn't get any more. NEXT YEAR THO...

Seriously the Artist Alley always makes me think I need to become a huge fan of some really popular show or something so that I’ll be able to find prints and merch that I want to buy. There’s like NO yugioh stuff (I found one yugioh print but I didn’t like the art style of it) which makes me sad. There was almost no Love Live art and I thought that anime was popular! And like, sure there’s some Madoka stuff but I’m not obsessed with Madoka enough to want to buy fanart of it? (Also there’s never any Kyoko) Same with Free, I would totally buy Free art but there was surprisingly very little of it! And what there was I didn’t like the art style or the pairing because I'm a bitter harpy. (Also no Nitori ever (okay ONE Nitori) because fuck me.) I bought the Zankyou no Terror print just because I was so surprised to see a nice print of an anime I watched…and because it was really really pretty xD Maybe with the movie coming out next year there will be Yugioh stuff? ;^;

Anyway enough complaining! The only thing I really wanted to see that day was the Masquerade, which unfortunately we were a little late for so my  seat wasn’t that great. The performances were still really good, and most of them were on the stage this year so I could at least see them. I tried to take pictures, but due to my seat got basically none that were decent. =(

I won't say I didn't try, though! This girl did a beautiful piano solo. People were turning their phones on and holding them up like lighters at a concert xD (they did this for a couple other singing acts too)

Speaking of singing, Rainbow Dash, SNK guy and trumpet guy performed an acoustic Cool Kids.

I don't remember the name of this skit, but the plot was Squiddad and Mom go to Supercon. And funny things happened like they waited in line for six hours and spent 56 dollars on lunch xD And then the mom was like, "what do you want to do Squiddad? Do you want a picture with this famous actor?" (cardboard cut out produced) And Squiddad went nuts and then they all began dancing. 8D

This skit was really funny! The plot was Sora was hanging out with Axel and accidentally opened a portal to other worlds. So like for one scene, Axel opened the curtains and there was a giant Titan's face there xD And for another, they opened the curtains and Haru walked out. And they were like "well okay, he seems harmless enough."

At which point Haru did this and dolphin noise sound effects played. It has been three weeks and I'm still not done laughing at the look on Axel's face xDDD

The Animaniacs did their theme song. They did it really well and synchronized and the crowd loved it, but part of me feels like the Animaniacs are kind of scary when brought to human form xD

The Goblin King David Bowie did a song and dance, and yes that is a real baby xDDD

This Aang did an AMAZING baton dance. Like seriously I wanted to cry because I was sitting so far away and couldn't get any pictures or video of it. He was really talented.

Korra and another Aang did a really cool synchronized dance/mock bending fight

It ended up being surprisingly emotional and they won an award =3

Lara Croft did a dance/gymnastics routine, using a lit-up hoop. I can only imagine how long the people who do these performances must practice =O

The winners!!

It was close to 8 when that ended, and we all decided to call it a night. My headspike had randomly broken during the masquerade and my wig was annoying me and the dealers room was closed, so it was time to head out.....and wait for the bus. xD Some things never change.

It's hard to see at this angle but I was fascinated by this guy's wig. I have no idea who he's playing, but his wig was so perfectly spiked along the sides.

Even the Mother of Dragons had to wait for the bus 3=

So did Dr. Facilier! (You don't want to know how many times I spelled that wrong before I just googled it) This guy is seriously amazing, he looks like he stepped out of the movie! Also that random guy in the black coat is the most casual photobomber ever, it's actually endearing. xD

The Bi Bus 8D Sunset over Supercon! See you next year!

All in all it was a good con. The shuttle situation was awful and I was sad that I couldn't get a better seat for the Masquerade, but that aside I had a good experience! It was nice that they opened up a third hall for the food court and had a ton of food options and lots of tables, and such a huge dealers room. I would have liked to see more anime-related panels, but I understand they’re going for a well-rounded, little bit of everything con, not an anime con. I need to stop being a lightweight and get my butt up to Tampa if I want an actual anime con xD;; Or go to Animate…which won’t be possible until I find a new job.

But that's no reason to count out any possibilities. You never know what the future might hold =3


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