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Florida Supercon 2015 Recap and Picture Post Part One: Thursday and Friday

IT'S HERE! Chey's yearly Supercon recap and picture posts! ='D As always, the pictures are free for taking if you find one of you or a friend that you want. Remember that if you'd like, just message me on here or my tumblr and I'll be happy to send you the bigger/hi-res file if I have it! =3 (Some of these were cropped and sharpened to make them as good as they'll get, but others look perfectly nice in the fullsize)

Also as always this serves as a recap for myself of everything I did so I can reread it and enjoy the memories later, so please feel free to scroll past all the minute details because those are basically for me and the two other people who like reading them uwu

It was a pretty relaxed get-away this year, as I did all my shopping on Tuesday and finished my costumes early, so all I had to do was pack! As always I managed to forget something – my wig caps. Luckily I was only about 9 miles from a Kmart (I tried a CVS I passed but they didn’t have thigh-high stockings >_> Thnx for nothing CVS) and my GPS is awesome so I just had to have it search for Kmarts on the way and it guided me right there =’D

While at the Kmart while I was in line to check out there was a guy in front of me with a parrot. It was just chillin on the handle of the cart. So that’s a thing that happened xD

I really need to learn how to pack lighter (hahahahaha never happening) because my shoulders really hurt after the five trips back and forth to the parking garage Dx Like they hurt for the rest of the trip and only stopped hurting on Monday…when I had to carry everything back down. (AND THE ELEVATOR WAS BROKEN ON MONDAY WHY) I was trying to avoid having to make 7 trips like last year so I tried to bring several things each trip. I could learn how to be an adult and drive up in front of the hotel and ask for assistance, but that involves talking to people and there are a LOT of cars in the front and that’s scary ^^;;; Or I could bring my own cart. ANYWAY.

I was on the 19th floor =O It was a little scary being so up high in the sky, but I got a cool view of the city, which continues to blow my mind. I am literal field mouse in the big city. How do people even know where they’re going with these giant buildings everywhere? My ears actually popped when going up and down the elevator xD

There was this mural on one building.

And look at this huge building! It’s this big bank office on top of the hotel’s parking garage. I accidentally ended up in its lobby at one point and there were all these fancy rich banker people in suits. I was wearing jeans and a Yugioh shirt and carrying coolers. It was awkward.


The return of Miiko!

I'm really happy with how I was able to salvage the wig enough to at least make her middle bangs look nice =3 Also my blue eyeliner got on my eyelashes and I ended up with blue eyelashes which actually ended up being really cute xD

The pleats in the front of my skirt look awful and it makes me so mad Dx

Pouty kitty face

Miiko discovers TV (also see what I mean about the pleats?? They look so nice in the back!)

Miiko discovers a camera yes I'm camwhoring at this point shut up SHUT UP

If you actually thought I wouldn't try to take a selfie on the wall at some point this year you do not know me. Cats love being up high!

OKAY ENOUGH OF THAT. This day did not really go according to plan ^^;;; I had originally planned to get to the con a little before it opened for people watching and photo-getting. But I ended up taking longer than expected to get ready (I was being kind of leisurely about it xD) so I derped around taking selfies thinking I could catch the 11:30 shuttle…and only when it was like 11:15 did I bother to check the schedule and learn the buses came on the hour and I was going to have to wait until noon because of missing the 11 o’clock bus. D= IF THE 11 ONE EVEN EXISTED? Because the noon one sure didn’t. (spoiler alert)

So I get to the front of the hotel in all my blue-haired anime schoolgirl glory around 11:45 and I’m the only person there. Last year the bus was like, spot on, so I figured it would arrive any minute. It did not. (and a lot of people were staring at me, which was less mortifying because when I’m in costume I’m braver, but not so much braver that it wasn’t still awkward xD) Eventually some other trashcon goers joined me. Noon came and went. Then 12:30. Then 12:45. At this point I was feeling kind of bad. I didn’t have any big panels planned or anything so that wasn’t an issue, but waiting in the Florida heat/sun for an hour in long sleeves and full make-up is a problem and I started to feel sick and woozy  =/ My Gatorade was still semi-cold luckily and I could take my jacket off, but I still burn easily, so it wasn’t ideal. The bus didn’t arrive until 1:00. (One of the guys I’d been waiting with hung back when the doors opened and his friends were like “dude, get on” and he said he was waiting to let me go first since I’d been waiting the longest, which I thought was sweet x3)

So it was a late start, which sucked, but whatever. Con time!

This Haikyuu was the first person I took a picture of. They were so cute and tiny!! =3=

Lilo and Stitch were waiting for the bus with me so I felt like we became friends.

This pretty Applejack and possibly Luna(?) were there!

I have no clue what she is but that is a real computer monitor on her head. I was impressed.

Some cute entry-level animes! (that I watched both of so I in no way am insulting entry level animes xD)

Funimation might have made some weird dub choics but they know their market and this was their booth's advertisement. (there's about 5000 people taking pictures with this sign on tumblr)

Look at these Kikis and Tombos!!! This was a total coincidence, the older ones were a couple who was there and happened to run into a family who had their kids dressed the same. It was so adorable xD

Seriously these Kikis were too cute for me to deal with!!

Here is a cute superhero family!! These kids are going to have the best lives. (I really like the Captain America/Batman combination. That is a child who is going places.)

This lady Jack Frost was super pretty!!

SEND HELP THIS OURAN IS TOO CUTE. I love their plate of plushie sweets!

A wizard who is not Harry Dresden but still a very nice fellow =3 He was lost and trying to remember how to get back to his booth he was working at which was adorable to me xD

Some badass superheros. I like that they peace-bonded her stick. xD

A cute lolita was working at one of the booths! I love her shoes x3

I saw the Applejack again and gasped out loud when I saw she now had a Twilight and Spike friend. The Twilight's dress actually had like little christmas lights sewn into it and could light up!! Turns out they were part of a pony group that was there.

This cute sailor senshi (I think she's Sailor Neptune? I googled them when I got home because I wanted to try to get their names right!) was still putting on all her accessories but I didn't want to lose her in the crowd so I asked for a picture and kept apologizing while she hurried to put everything on ^^;; I'm sorry! I just wanted to get pictures of all the senshi for my waifu!

THIS PICTURE CAME OUT BLURRY AND I'M SO ANGRY. This Jane was so nice!! And it was so funny how everyone expected her to do a serious pose and then she did the monkey pose instead xD I shrunk and sharpened it as much as I could to make it postable ;_;

Sailor Saturn? She was tiny and cute too! And I love her boots *o*

An awesome Mikasa and Annie duo!

I spent awhile on the dealers floor and bought stuff xD There had been some panels I’d thought of doing, but because of the late start and my desire to check out the shops I decided to wait.

As expected nobody knew who I was, but I actually got a lot of people asking for my picture, which was a surprise considering it was a really slow day so I expected even fewer pictures of my hipster manga cosplay? All the people just thought I was cute. Some guys from a TV channel even interviewed me! (idk if the video ever got used but it was still fun x3) My favorite was this little girl who was sitting with her dad. She waved at me while I was eating pizza and I waved back because I figured she was just a friendly kid or something. Then like 15 minutes later when I got up to throw my  trash away, she bolted over and asked if she could take a picture with me, and said, ”I wanted to wait til you were done eating to ask!” omg it was so cute x3

This was the first thing I bought, a present for my mom =3

I saw the Nitori button at this booth first and bought it, and then I saw the Zankyou no Terror print and was like "I need that too u_u" I wish No. 6 hadn't been ruined for me because the seller also had a really cute Nezushi print I would have loved if it didn't inspire so many bad memories Dx

Right next door to her booth was an artist selling commissions. Her art style was pretty cute so it was time to buy some trash 8D

Trashbag husbandos! Shun is a meanie taking advantage of the fact that his boyfriend is a shrimp. Also Yuuto's pouty/slightly blushy face is literally giving me life. o3o

The seller at the brony booth was so fun and energetic! You don't even want to know how close I came to nearly buying a pony pillowcase from him. xD One side had this cute filly sleepover picture and the other side had Rainbow Dash on it. But I can't betray my Yami pillow so I just settled for the poster. xD; I like the subtle flutterdash snuggles happening

After seeing these keychains on tumblr I was hoping they'd be at the con! I had to really search for the Yami one. The Yuya was pretty easy to find, but when I asked the seller about the other characters he said his boss had another booth there and had taken all the Yugioh stuff for his booth, so then I spent like an hour hunting down his boss's booth. xD I found it though! So I have both the original husbando and my tomato son. uwu

The guy at the booth that sold these dragons was a really good salesman. xD I felt bad for the people in the booth across from him because they were trying SO hard to tell their massage pillows and had little demo seats set up and everything, and this dude across the aisle is just like “LOOK CUTE DRAGONS THEY GLOW” and were selling like crazy ^^;;

After shopping and lunch I went to the Safety in Cosplay panel, then went outside to thaw out a little bit because by then I was freezing.

I saw this Rin when I came back in and felt like Gou because I was like "those are good muscles yes" xD I love that he wore his wig in a ponytail too. Every Rin should be a ponytail Rin.

Next was the Competing in Cosplay panel. This Levi was there:

Can you believe this is her FIRST cosplay???? I’ve seen so many SNK cosplayers who make SNK their first cosplay and I’m so impressed with all of them, picking something like that for their first one. She was going to be in the Runway contest right after and was nervous because it was her first cosplay/first contest, so I gave her a couple tips and promised to come and cheer for her. I saw her entry at the contest but I had to leave before they announced the winners. She found me after the Yugioh panel though to tell me she won a prize in the contest, which was awesome!! =D

Some more shots from the runway contest:

These two were also some of the people waiting on the bus with me that morning. I don't know who they are but I do know exactly where that guy's hand is and I suspect it was intentional xD

Gala ponies! I really love the way the Rarity is looking at Spike in this picture x3 ALSO DAT KAWAII FLUTTERSHY THO

At some point during the day the Twilight apparently became an alicorn 8D They all look absolutely amazing <3 (Except this group was full of LIES because they called themselves "all of the ponies" when one is clearly missing >____>)

Some army guy? Idk he looks cool xD

This cute Mable was co-running the cosplay hacks panel the next day and she is in fact using magnets to keep that magnet on her head! 8D

I'm like 99% sure she's from Fairy Tail. All I know is she's pretty =3=


The baby, toddler son and dad were all dressed as parts of the Froakie evolution line! I wanted to cry it was so cute ;A;

Here is a cute Chun-li. Everybody knows it's not a con until there's a Chun-li cosplayer!

Female Vegeta representing the 90's kids /o/


At this point I had to leave for the Yugioh panel. It was actually great, I ended up hanging out and chatting with a couple different guys about the series and characters and stuff and we all geeked out together xD One guy liked Capsule Monsters and the Doma Arc which a lot of people don’t like, so I was backing him up. The mod really hated Zexal and didn’t like Yuya which was awkward because my precious tomato child. ;A; But despite that we had a fun time x3 He had clips of iconic scenes but he couldn't get the sound to work on any of his clips so we all just shouted the lines /o/

This was one of the guys at the panel that I chilled with x3 I was trying to figure out where I knew his cosplay from and was like "I thiiiink Vocaloid...?" and then I zoomed in on his jacket and saw that it SAYS Vocaloid. xD

When I was walking back downstairs this super cool dragon/demon person was hanging out in the hall =O

After that was over I had to wait like 45 minutes again for the shuttle >_< Luckily one of the Yugioh people was there so I had someone to talk to.

Haikyuus waiting for the shuttle too! I think one of them was the Haikyuu from that morning? I'm happy they had some volleyball friends =D

Unfortunately gotta end this day’s recap with a rant about the the shuttle system. It was the one really bad thing this year. Which was weird because last year it was flawless. Apparently they had like two buses at most on Thursday for all three hotel routes? And route 2 and 3 were actually just one route and they pretended it was two? (The poor Yugioh guy I was hanging out with had to wait god knows how long for a shuttle because they lied and said the shuttle I took wasn't going to his hotel when it actually WAS! >_>) A lot of people complained, which was justified, really. I mean I work in customer service so like 99% of the time I’m not comfortable with complaining, but in this case I thought it was important. It was the con’s slow day and tons of people were pissed. (I had to wait in the sun for an hour!) I left the yugioh panel at like 9:00 and didn’t get back to the hotel til 10:30. =/ It did get a little better the next few days, but it still had flaws (see Saturday). Luckily I managed to not miss any of the really important things I wanted to do and everyone was kind of bonding over bus woes so it made it easy to make friends while hanging around, but still. The whole situation was badly handled.

Friday AKA the longest day ever

After the shuttle screw ups the day before I was ultra paranoid that they’d mess up again and make me miss the yugioh game panel, so my solution was to wake up at the crack of ass (7:00 am) so I’d be ready to go and get the shuttle by 9:00, so that way even if the shuttle didn’t get to the hotel until 10:30 (Can you tell how little faith I had xD) I’d still have some leeway. Unfortunately it took me like an hour to do my make-up so I have very few shots of the cosplay, but it’s okay since everyone has seen my Aki cosplay before anyway.

This was the one picture I got while in the lobby. I asked a Star Trek guy to take it for me. I hate my pose and my cloak's mantle is all messed up but whatever, at least I got a picture ^^;;

These disneys were waiting for the shuttle too =3

I hung out with this coyote guy (whose name I forgot OTL) while waiting. I was like half asleep and felt bad because he was trying to make conversation and I was being useless ^^;; Sorry coyote guy!

The shuttle ended up coming at like 9:30 so it all was okay and I was at the con basically right at 10.

This pretty Anna was waiting in line for the dealer's room x3

There was Korra hanging out doing some waterbending~

This tiny cute Katara was there too!

This Twilight's outfit was so colorful and unique!

I slipped into the dealers room to get a Rin and look around a bit.

These SNKs were there with their 90's tattoo chokers 8D (I appove)

Nagisa was hanging out with the magical boys and when I asked for their picture Nagisa was going to leave and I was like "NO I WANT YOU IN IT TOO." You know Nagisa would definitely be friends with the magical boys!

I got to the yugioh panel early so it might have been obvious how pumped I was for it. xD

Cloud was there too and I think there's actually a light flare coming off his sword, that's how shiny it was. xD

Anyway the game was really fun, and I won! It basically involved each person being randomly assigned a character, and then they had to tell why they thought their character would win in a duel against another one. Admittedly I got some pretty easy ones to argue (Yami Marik, Paradox and Yuya) and I think some people miiiight have awarded me points just because I was in yugioh cosplay as Aki but I’m not arguing. xD By the end of the day I was seriously hating that cosplay due to the weight of the cloak being painful and it being difficult to move in, so at least I got something for my suffering. xD

It was funny because for the final match-up it was Yuya vs Jack which has actually taken place in the show now. (where Jack won…..heh. xD At least I was good at arguing that Yuya could win?)

My prize for winning 8D

This Ariel was passing by outside the panel and SHE IS SO CUTE ADKFJAK;GKDFJK

After the yugioh panel I was found by Jasmine and Justine (Jaimy sadly had to work =( ) and we went to the cosplay hacks panel where I found A MAID NITORI

ALERT ALERT PLZ ARREST THIS PERSON FOR BEING TOO CUTE. I took a selfie with the maid!Nitori too 8D

There is actually a person inside this costume. Someone actually made and is wearing this. HOW.

This Rei was also there /o/

Remember the sassy Vanellope from 2013? She was there again! I think she's such a cutie x3

This adorable female!Kristoff and Sven cosplayer was outside the hacks panel room x3 Her cosplay is so creative, I love it! I also refused to crop this picture because I like the random Ronald McDonald in the background. xD

We headed out to get lunch and do shopping.

There was a Kill la Kill shopping too

Look at this gorgeous Egyptian goddess *A* Her dress! Her makeup! @w@

Then we caught the tail end of the women in voice acting panel and stayed to get good seats for the kids cosplay contest. My seat was in the second row and of course there were these people who had to sit right in front of me, so I spent the whole contest leaning into the aisle >_>

Tank Girl was the moderator. She's so cool ;A;

This tiny Star Wars child is so badass with his Nike sneakers


They were all Batman villains I think? A tiny Batman villain family???

LOOK AT THIS SMALL SASSY BUTTERFLY CHILD LOOK AT HER LOOK (this is basically my reaction to half of these cosplays)

I don't have to like One Piece to be extremely happy that there are cosplay parents with small cosplay children

An excellent Robin x3


Justine as Chica from FNAF! I was so happy this action shot actally came out not-blurry ^^;

Rarity wasn't on stage long enough for me to get a posed picture but even her swirling was graceful just like a Rarity woud be!

Like 99% sure this is a female Dipper Pines?


Tiny Jem from Jem and the Holograms! I was surprised by how many Jem cosplayers there were until I just today learned there's going to be a movie coming out this year, so I guess the fandom is reviving xD


The judges! They all always look awesome. And yes that is an Assassin's Creed Rapunzel xD

I missed getting a picture of this cosplayer when they were on stage. I think they were cosplaying as someone called Pip? Or Pep? I can't remember ^^;;

All of the winners! The unicorn girl in front was a Rapidash. I missed getting a picture of her on stage too, but she was really cute and energetic and galloped around the stage x3

I had to get a proper picture of the Rapunzel because she was so cool. xD Apparently she's from Key West!

I missed the Ariel when she was on stage too so I had to catch her after ^^;

Unikitty was there in the crowd! She's so adorable =3=

These gorgeous ladies were outside in the main hall. I have no clue who they were, but the one had a crank so she could open and close her wings and it was amazing o_o

After the kids cosplay contest I had nothing to do until the hentai panel at 11:30 so I followed my group around and went down to the cosplay medics booth with them.

Godoka was there!

So was her Homura x3 (Seeing them only made me want to cosplay Moemura and Madoka with Gina even more badly and I whined OTL)

Elsa was there too! It must be a rule or something that all Elsa cosplayers are beautiful because they always are

The Eevee Master was hanging out in the hall upstairs xD

We went to a Kpop dance competition next. The dancers were all amazing but our seats were terrible so no pictures or video sadly. =( I did see a Honoka sitting a few seats back and she was so cute that after the panel I actually chased her downstairs trying to catch her for a picture xD

I caught her 8D She's such a perfect Honoka!! We talked and learned we were both going to be cosplaying as Rin the next day and made plans to met up x3

After that I still had like three hours to kill, so I’d scraped up a few panels I was vaguely interested in when I met back up with the coyote guy and his dad. He was going to a game called Are You a Werewolf and I decided to tag along. I ended up being assigned the part of a werewolf and I managed to last through most of the game. They realized I was a werewolf when I called out a guy called Meme King (we all got to pick random names). But in the end the werewolves still won, so I was happy xD (I’m also happy this one drunk guy who was totally 100% convinced I was a villager and not a werewolf left the game before it was revealed I was a wolf because that would have been awkward.)

I was half asleep and zoning out by this point so it wasn’t like a barrel of laughs fun, but it was a much better way to spend a few hours than what I had planned. xD Some of it really was funny. This one guy beside me kept whispering “sweet memes…may you dream of many rare pepes…” whenever we had to close our eyes and for some reason I was so tired that this was the most hilarious thing I’d ever heard and I laughed all the way through one round.

After that I arrived like an hour early for the hentai panel which was a little embarrassing, like I’m SO EXCITED for some hentai I get there an hour in advance ^^;;; There was another guy waiting who somehow got confused and thought the panel was going to be about harem anime, so I had to set him straight about that, because we were not about to see what he was expecting. xD I convinced him to stay though which might have also come off as  creepy like “YEAH STAY AND WATCH SOME ANIME PORN!!” but he ended up laughing a ton so I bet he was glad he stayed. xD

They played this slide before the panel:

It was great all in all. Ngl I would have enjoyed it about 10x more if I wasn’t half asleep, in pain from my wig and cloak, and completely spaced out, but it was still really funny.  They played Cougar Trap (speaking of motherfuckers.........) and asked people in the audience if they’d seen it, and the majority of people hadn’t, so that was an experience to witness all these people see it for the first time xDDD Same for the clip where the girl’s vagina is playing instruments, people just kept screaming louder and I was like “omg I was as innocent as all of you once.” Also during one video they randomly spliced in the JUST DO IT guy and this was the one single time ever that meme was semi-funny.

Also one person actually semi-threw up and rushed out of the room and one panelist was like “that is actually a first for us.” But he also said he was pretty sure she was drunk and apparently graphic hentai of an anime girl having worms suctioned up her ass is not what you should watch when intoxicated. u_u

That ended at 1:00 and I booked it for the shuttle because getting left in the middle of Miami Beach in the middle of the night is not my idea of fun. Finally made it to the hotel at like 1:45. In the elevator on the way up all these half asleep con people were in it and at one floor one of the girls goes “See you guys tomorrow” and I go, “technically, later today” and this guy at the back goes “don’t remind me. Well, see you all in 7 hours.” In the most defeated voice. xD

Random late night Aki selfie =3 I have to give mega props to Cateye liquid liners because they might have been a pain to apply but my eyeliner did not smudge a single time. (the makeup fixative probably helped xD)

Another one xD I actually like this picture a lot because it captures Aki's crazy Black Rose Witch look, I just wish I could use a flash without it making my wig super shiny and cheap looking D<

Part Two here!

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