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Florida Supercon 2014 Picture Post and Recap: Part Two (Saturday and Sunday)


Obligatory yearly notice: TO ANYBODY WHO WANTS ANY OF THE PICTURES: I resized all these photos to make uploading/posting easier. I still have the high-res files for almost every single one of these, so if you see a picture of yourself or a friend and want a copy of it, let me know which ones you want (comment here or e-mail me at peaceandbooks @ gmail) and I’ll e-mail you the high-res file(s)!

Part One is here!


Considering how Saturday last year was, I planned for it to be insane this year too, and it WAS. The thing with Saturdays at Supercon, I’ve come to realize, is to not really plan anything. Expect delays and crowding and craziness and just roll with it. Also either don't cosplay or wear your less-important/less popular one. It makes life easier.

That said, I slept in til past ten this day. xD And then took a bunch of time to get ready and do selfies.

Darn this picture for being blurry because I was quite pleased with my eyeliner >_>

Anyway long story short I didn’t get to the con til after 1:30. xD

When I was on the shuttle a male Mami cosplayer got on so I had to ambush him like right when we got off the shuttle. xD; I'm sorry male!Mami! I just HAD to get your picture before I lost you in the crowd!

Right away it was EXTREMELY clear how crowded it already was. I spent maybe ten minutes in the dealer’s room.

I did take a couple pictures on my trek through though. How could I NOT get a picture of Cabbage Man?!

Or this fabulous Sailor Mars? ( Sailor Mars, right?)

I booked it out to the hallway pretty quick though, where there was a Dippin Dots vendor, so guess what was for lunch. xD Jaimy and her sisters and friend found me there and we hung out and ate Dippin Dots and took pictures of people passing by.

Like this very adorable Rapunzel =3=

And this amazing male Elsa! (vs. Catwoman)

Seriously props for wearing that long cape on Saturday.

I'm pretty sure this Sayaka was hanging out with the Madoka from Friday. I'm happy they found each other!

There was a pony photoshoot going on outside that I really wish I could have taken pictures of because everyone looked great, but I didn't want to be rude and interrupt them. ^^;; The Celestia cosplayer came inside though, and she is BEAUTIFUL. The wings, her mane, the shimmery outfit, ALL OF IT.

Homura!! She's adorable! <3 Finding a Sayaka and Homura like within minutes of each other made me happy. xD

Eventually the others had to go to costume contest pre-judging and I didn’t want to wander around in the crowd by myself, so I went with them and pretended to be in the contest to have an excuse to stand in line with them. xD (Staff kept coming by and telling us that if you weren’t in the contest you needed to leave the line, but I faked it u_u) The great thing was that due to the crowds I didn’t expect to get very many pictures of cosplayers this day, but there was a whole line of them thanks to the contest, so I pretty much got to just walk down the line and take pictures of those close to us!


I honestly don't know who she is but she looks too amazing for words.

And of course pictures of my buddehs:


And I don't know exactly where Jaimy and Jasmine's were from, (I'm sorry guys I know you told me, too ^^;;; Edit: Talys says they're possibly Final Fantasy?) but I know they're basically reimagined Disney characters? So here's Jane:

And Lilo!

Here is a super cool Rainbow Dash!

Sailor Moon and Luna! I love that the guy decided to be Luna and not Tuxedo Mask. xD

A really cute Kill la Kill cosplayer =3=

And look at this sweetie Alice <3

The Hetalia Train came by while we were waiting in line

Also babby Thor! I'm not even in this fandom but YES. U ARE PARENTING VERY WELL SIR.

A very pretty Sailor Scout except I don't know which one she is because I suck OTL

Sylveon that I was never able to catch up with so I took a creep-shot on the escalator I'm sorry ^^;;

Meanwhile Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny discuss work and life and stuff.

Look at this cute Homura! Her cosplay might not be complete but I think she really has the perfect face for young!Homura and is adorable =3

This Kida and Milo are FLAWLESS. FLAWLESS I SAY.

Look at this sweet Snow White~

HIM! This guy was the actual best xDD

Tamir got to visit the Mother of Dragons x3

I WILL NEVER GET OVER HOW BEAUTIFUL THESE TWO'S OUTFITS ARE??? And those wings!! =O She could actually flap them too and they looked so realistic, it was amazing. I'm pretty sure she won an award in the contest and definitely deserved it!



They finished pre-judging around 5:00 and everyone went to eat, so I caught the end of Ashley Burch’s panel in the meantime.

Connie and Sasha were there too xD

At the panel someone asked Ashley if she wanted pizza and then randomly gave her a piece. xD

She's such a cutie face ugh I can't deal NO.

Everyone needs to love and appreciate her u_u

Then I stayed for Josh Grelle’s panel. They’re both really such nice people. Ashley is funny and goofy, and Josh just seems so sweet. Honestly I started tearing up and almost cried when he was talking about Armin’s character growth and how he could relate to not having much self-confidence and not feeling as good as others when growing up, and how much he loved the character arc of Armin realizing that his friends have always seen his strength and he was the one feeding himself the negative thoughts. He said it was that arc that made him love the character. He was really emotional about it so I got emotional ^^;; He also did part of Armin’s speech from Episode 10. /o/


He also told a story about how he used to go to his grandmother’s house to watch Toonami and that she’d watch anime with him. So when he decided to become a VA his grandmother made him promise that one day he’d voice a character on Toonami so they could watch the anime he was in together, and that while she passed away before he voiced Armin, he feels like she’s watching it in spirit with him and he feels like he kept their promise and I was sitting there like “YOU ARE WEARING MAKE-UP DO NOT CRY SERIOUSLY YOU CANNOT CRY DON’T DO IT.” But I was tearing up anyway so I just had to rapid-blink for like ten minutes.

He would also get really excited about stuff and shake his arms up and down and got all adkfhajk; when someone brought up Sailor Moon Crystal and was all "WHEN IT IS PLAYING IS IT PLAYING NOW CAN WE GO WATCH IT NOW??"

Anyway the point is Josh is really nice and apparently makes me emotional.

After that was over I really had nothing to do for like four hours since the hentai panel wasn’t until 10:00, so I went to get pizza for dinner. xD

But first I got someone to take a full-length picture of me so I'd have at least one.

Also I ran into female!Mako and female!Rin!~ (I think it's a law that people cosplaying Rin must be extremely attractive? Because I have never seen a bad one yet??)

While I was eating a girl saw me who knew who I was! Turns out she was the Mokuba I took a picture of like three years ago! What a small con, right?

Here she is! Talys says she's possibly Marth from Fire Emblem?

I think that made three people who knew exactly who I was and who were excited about my Aki cosplay, which is more than it was two years ago. There were also a few who had no idea who I was but they liked Tamir or were just taking pictures of every cosplayer. u_u I think wearing obscure/non-popular cosplays really is a good idea on Saturday, since I wasn’t getting stopped much.

I also found a Kyoko (in line for food in fact xD) Except I was tired and accidentally called her Sayaka so she probably was like "wow this fake Puella Magi fan tho" in her mind.

After dinner I still had nothing to do so I decided to go to an improv comedy show by Sick Puppies Comedy that was about to start. It was actually pretty funny! They did only improv with no props or anything and based their skits/games off whatever the crowd shouted out.

I love their expressions, the guys look genuinely concerned. xD

They're pretending to be a transformer xDD

Here they were playing Statues, and the game was people from the audience got to decide who they were and move them around, and all they could do for themselves was talk. So people decided they were Jon Snow and Egret (I...don't know who Egret is? Unless they were referring to Ygritte?) and I guess none of them knew who Egret was either so the one guy just kept going "I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM?" and Jon Snow would go "I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE EITHER?"  while smacking each other and I know I'm telling this story badly, but it really was hilarious to watch. xD

It ended with people squishing them into a hug. xD

Some of the humor Tumblr probably would not have approved of, but…xD It was definitely not a bad way to spend two hours and I’m glad I went to it instead of trying to get into the cosplay competition hall. It was a big hall but honestly not much bigger than last year’s? And remembering last years was enough to give me flashbacks and make me go NOPE. And the show was funny and made me laugh, which I totally needed since by this point my shoulders and head hurt from my wig and the weight of my cape. I do love my Aki cape, but 13 yards of fabric gets really heavy on you after awhile.

By this point it was 9:00 and although the hentai panel didn’t start for an hour, I decided to go people watch by the room and ended up standing in line for awhile OTL

This beautiful Daenerys was there too. The Mother of Dragons likes sum hentai u_u

I asked her to take a picture with Tamir too. x3

Honestly I could have skipped the panel, it ended up not being as funny as I’d hoped. It was supposed to be Jeopardy, where the answers are all titles of hentai, and they planned to show clips as the clues for certain ones. But the powerpoint kept messing up and the audio was messed up, and the crowd was really unruly, so they only got to play like two clips and do maybe 10 questions. I wish they had done another fucked-up hentai panel instead, but I also feel bad that everything kind of went wrong for them and messed the panel up. People were complaining and leaving, and I know that Orange Anime can put on a good panel, so it must have been embarrassing for them.

After it was over I caught the 11:30 shuttle back to the hotel. It was another really tiring day. ^^;;

BUT there was still a little time for cam whoring!

Resting with Tamir after the long day~

The flash made this picture so weird, but the effect isn't too bad? Makes my eyes look kind of crazy, which is cool. xD

THEN time for bed u_u


I wanted to sleep in this day, but it wasn’t an option since there was an 11:15 panel (Writing About the Apocalypse) I wanted to do, which meant catching the bus by 10:30, which meant getting up by 8:00. I managed though! And with some time for selfies too.

These other two were taken at the end of the day so my make-up was all worn off OTL

Plz ignore how much my wig was frizzing at that point. ^^;;

As soon as I got in the elevator to go down a lady said I looked cute. And when I got on the bus a man in the first row went “Ooh, I like that costume!” So right away I hoped that Magical Girl Leafeon would be popular xD And I kind of was! A lot of people asked for my picture throughout the day. =3 At one table the girls started cooing over me like I was a kitten or a cute baby. Which was fine by me, I was flattered xD I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE ALL THESE PICS ARE THO NOBODY IS POSTING THEM ON TUMBLR??

Things are usually on sale on Sunday so I’d definitely decided to do a little more shopping, but first it was almost time for the panel, so I headed to it. It ended up being pretty interesting. No real new info, but it did a good job breaking down the elements of an apocalyptic story and the panelists were all really nice and funny.

And Sailor Moon was there! She's adorable!

When it was over, I joined Jaimy and everyone in the Finding Your Character panel, which had turned into more of a “talk about con-going and play Telephone” panel.

When it was over none of us had plans, so we walked around and shopped and took some pictures.

Zombified Snow White xD

Then Tony Stark came over and was all "hi ladies~~~~"

But not for long because then Hans showed up and Tony was all "Well there's still one lady?"

Except nope, Hans steals them both because he's a jerk like that. xD

Speaking of Disneys, look at this gorgeous Maleficent!


Spiderman was trying to get people to come to his booth

Ash caught a Leafeon! His mom asked me for a picture with him, he was so cute. =3=




We got lunch and then walked around some more, before heading outside to thaw out (Idk why I ever worry about being too hot at cons. It’s always freezing inside, for real.) Danica texted then to apologize and say her camera died, so I got Jaimy to take a few pictures of me so I’d at least have some! I also took a few at the photo booth inside which unfortunately have not been posted yet =(

The wind blew one of the pleats over my tail how RUDE Dx

I am a prancing dork xD

Aaaaah this picture is cute tho <333

We had to line up for the Runway contest at 6:00, and by then it was after 5:00, so we headed back in to do some last shopping, even though by then I was like, “nah, I’m done, I don’t need any more...” Funny how suddenly I decided that sure, I could use a few more things, because there is NEVER enough anime trash to be had!

There were also gorgeous Hunger Games cosplayers o3o

I really wish I had put my camera in my bra or something because I didn't get to take any pictures of the contest since I was in it :<

I did get this picture of Elsa! But then I put my camera in my bag to leave with Jaimy's friend so I didn't have to carry it around, so I couldn't take any other pictures until after it was over.

I didn’t win anything, (I really felt like I had potential to, but with 50+ entries and like 9 prizes…the odds are not in my favor. (The pun is funny because the Hunger Games group won the grand prize GEDDIT 8D)) but it was still fun to be in. Even though I got nervous the minute I stepped on stage and forgot to hold my poses OTL I do think the runway contest is more fun than the costume contest just for how much easier and more casual it is.

Here are the winners!

Freakazoid be bringing back my childhood <3

I honestly don't know what Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is, but I know I have friends who like it? So I took these guys' picture for you!

On my way out I was able to get a picture of these little Cardcaptor Sakura cosplayers for Gina <3 They're so cute!!

I decided to call it a day/call it a con and head back to the hotel after the contest.

Bye Supercon!

swag 6
Last day's con swag (The print with the trio was from the same booth I got the SNK strap from)

swag 5
Mockingjay watch and picture Jaimy drew for me! <3

swag 4
These were being sold in a set how could I say no?? (I don't know who the artist is because I suck and forgot to get a card I'm so sorry OTL)

It was a really fun con all in all. As stressful as it was to get there, I did like the new building and how much bigger it was. It definitely made things better as far as crowding, especially on Saturday, which was jam packed as it was. As much as I liked the old way with the hotel attached to the center and how easy it was to get to, I’m really glad they picked the new spot, and the shuttle system was great. I’ve heard some bad stories from people about the security/staff being mean and that really sucks, so hopefully they use a different security company next year? Also hopefully Artist Alley will get some better treatment since I definitely want to look into buying more from it/getting commissions next year! I really had a great time and I'm sad that others had to deal with some not-so-nice people and treatment, so I really do hope they listen to feedback and improve those things next year. And hopefully Wonderland will do panels again! If so, you know I’ll be first in line. ;3 xDD

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