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Florida Supercon 2014 Picture Post and Recap: Part One (Thursday and Friday)

Hi my darlings, it's that time of the year again!! TIME FOR A BUNCH OF WORDS ABOUT MY CON ADVENTURES. Also pictures, which is what most of you are here for. xD

Obligatory yearly notice: TO ANYBODY WHO WANTS ANY OF THE PICTURES: I resized all these photos to make uploading/posting easier. I still have the high-res files for almost every single one of these, so if you see a picture of yourself or a friend and want a copy of it, let me know which ones you want (comment here or e-mail me at peaceandbooks @ gmail) and I’ll e-mail you the high-res file(s)!

Part Two is here!

So the con was in a new location this year, which meant staying at a new hotel, WHICH MEANT DRIVING IN DOWNTOWN MIAMI MY NERVES WILL NEVER RECOVER. There's just so much traffic and so many streets and all the buildings are gigantic. This tiny island person is not used to seeing buildings more than three stories so to be totally surrounded by actual sky-scrapers was blowing my mind the whole weekend.

THIS WAS THE VIEW OUT MY WINDOW LOOK AT THOSE BUILDINGS LOOK AT THEM. I would actually stand at my window at night and stare at the buildings and just be entirely too amazed.

The other fun thing about my room was getting to see the bridge open up for boats.

The good news is I made it there alive despite panicking (I love my GPS it is my best friend). I stayed at the Hyatt, which is actually a very fancy hotel >.> (It’s also really funny because the garage is this dingy, scary dark place that’s all rundown and looks like it should have zombies, and then there’s these big industrial elevators to take you to the ground floor. So when you get out you’re expecting a scary run-down outdoor ground floor that you have to walk to the hotel from. But no, when the doors opened it’s such a visual shock because they open into this beautiful atrium with marble all over the walls and floor and gold lettering signs and glass tables and leather couches. xDD) It's also HUGE. There was at least a five minute walk between my room and the parking garage, and I had to make that walk seven or eight times to carry everything in. OTL When I joked that I packed the way Applejack designs dresses it was funny but let me tell you it is not funny when you have to carry all those things back and forth. Dx Also I got some odd looks carrying the pieces of the 3DMG. xD When I was carrying my clear plastic box with my wigs a guy asked if I was a hair stylist, which was kind of flattering I guess because it must mean my wigs look good?

The room was really cute though! They have the TV on this recording of these peaceful nature scenes with soft pretty music when you walk in. (and of course it's a Japanese video because they're expecting weaboo trash xD) And the employees were super nice. When I was checking out the lady asked how I liked the con and when I told her I cosplayed from Attack on Titan she got really excited and asked me to show her pictures, because it turns out she likes that show too! =D I hope it's a host hotel next year too because I would definitely use it again.


I didn’t have time to do many selfies in the morning because I caught the 10:30 shuttle (not knowing anything about this new location I wanted to get there and get my wristband early >.>) I did have time to climb up on top of this wall and take a picture though ;3

Selfie game too high.
Literally too high I didn't realize the wall was that tall until I got on top of it >.>

And then I took more selfies when I got back to my room later.

This selfie is actually from Friday but who cares xD

When I first got there I really did feel sort of lost and wandered around trying to find where to check in xD After that I stood around awkwardly for a little bit, but if nothing else it was easy to find other people to take pictures of!

Vanellope and Turbo were my first cosplay picture of the day~

Some cute female Levis

I asked if I could take a picture with one of them and so we were doing some poses when I remembered I had snacks in my bag and wouldn't it be cute if Sasha had some snacks? So I got them out and then couldn't get the bag open. xDD

Levi: Is this sanitary I don't think so did u even wash your hands
Also gender-bending Ariel in the background 8D

Eventually I did get my snacks xD

A super-cute Mikasa and photo-bombing Naruto xD

I think they're Legend of Zelda? SHE'S JUST SO PRETTY LOOK AT HER.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. My childhood <3
Also photobombing guy looks like he was 'shopped in but he really wasn't. xD

The convention center is ginormous. Which is really great, because they can fit a lot more into the dealer’s room (I bought so much stuff this trip omg. xD Definitely more than I’ve ever bought at Supercon before. But I’ve been saving for a long time so it’s acceptable! ...right?) But it was actually a little nerve-wracking at first, until I realized it was pretty easy to navigate. It was actually easier to find my way around than the old location? For its size I was surprised by the small number of panels, but it might just be that there WERE a lot of panels, just not all ones I would want to do.

The other good thing is there are some little food places (think like a mall food court?) inside it, so you have food options. This is good considering Wonderland wasn’t doing any panels this year (After I got all excited too D=) so I couldn’t rely on them to feed me! The food was kind of overpriced and not the healthiest, but it’s a con. It’s better than nothing xD

I wandered around and checked out the dealers room for an hour or so and took some more pictures.

This Ariel was very sweet <3 Her Eric was shy but we coaxed him into a picture.


Fairy Tail! I have followers who like Fairy Tail (plus I gotta support Mashima-san even though Rave Master is better) so I tried to get a lot of  pictures of cosplayers from it over the weekend.


Jack Frost, No-Face and the Flame Princess (I think?) hanging out nbd

Jean! I also took a picture with Jean but I look awful in it because my wig was falling off so we're got going to talk about that.

This couple was really nice and excited about my cosplay even though my wig was falling off! xD I know they're superheroes but I don't kow which ones, sorry OTL

This girl wasn't in total cosplay (she was running a booth) but I think she's adorable and has the perfect face for young!Mikasa =3=


Her wings (and herself) are so beautiful I can't.


Then I decided to hit up panels. First up was Iconic Anime Characters and their History, which made me at least feel like an intellectual weaboo u_u It was actually really interesting and went into the psychology of why certain characters appeal so much to people throughout history. After that was a voice actor panel which included SNK VAs x3

These cuties were at the VA panel!

I got some lunch after that since I was actually starving and while at the VA panel there were people all around me eating Dx While at the lunch area I ran into this group:

They were from something called the Wild Wild West? THEY ARE PHENONMENAL. LOOK AT THAT GUYS CHAIR??? AND THE DETAIL ON THE PROPS?? They also did a skit at the Masquerade the next day and won a prize! Which they totally deserved. I felt kind of bad asking for a photo when they were trying to get lunch but they were just too cool to pass up ^^;

Then headed to a wig panel and found some more Fairy Tail on the way:

I'm really impressed with how they do the tattoos for their cosplays honestly xD

Also some more SNKs! I believe they're Christa and Levi.

Also this Eren (his 3DMG was really good) and photobombing Naruto again. xD

At the wig panel Jaimy, Jasmine and Justine found me! I'd been looking for them all day. xD (Like a moron I forgot to ask for Jaimy's number to text her before I left for the con...OTL) We stayed in the wigs panel room for the glass necklace panel that was happening right after so we got to be first in line. u_u (which meant I got one of the very few black backings they had for my necklace. xD Most people got silver.) The workshop had pre-decided designs and since none of the fandoms were ones I was in I went with Hufflepuff.

Princess Luna was running the wigs panel x3 She was really nice. I went to a couple other panels throughout the weekend that she was in too!

When that was over we had to go to the cosplay booth so they could sign up for contests. That booth was right by the photo booths, so I took some photos at the photo booth with Justine. It was fun, we did some silly poses and ~glamor poses. x3 (unfortunately as I write this whoever was doing the shoots for that booth have not posted their photos yet OTL)

This eeevee group was cute~ They have no Leafeon tho DDDD=

Here is a cute Sailor Scout and (I think) a cutie from Kill La Kill! Defeating the coke bottle enemy u_u

There were some later panels I would have wanted to do, but I was nervous about missing the last shuttle, plus I wanted to go to bed early to prepare for Friday. (Not that I did >_<) So I left around 7:00. On the way out I met this super cute dragon girl:

She wasn't cosplaying as anyone in particular, she was just being a cute dragon girl. x3

Also Luna and her sister were waiting on a shuttle!

They're sisters irl too so that made it cuter xD

Look at my trash anime swag~ I've wanted that Eevee shirt since last year, I'm so happy the booth that had it was there again.

But did I really NEED a poster of Free or an SNK lanyard or a random Kyoko keyring?

YES I DID STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. (You can see the Hufflepuff necklace I made there too.)

I spent the rest of the evening doing finishing touches on my 3DMG. Here's a couple ~preview shots of how it looked:

Considering what a mad rush it was to finish everything, I'm pretty happy with how it looks in these pictures at least? xD


This was the day I was most worried about because I had to drive so I could store my 3DMG in my car. I was afraid of having to get a spot in a far-away parking lot, so I decided to just show up stupidly early to get a spot in the main lot and then people-watch or listen to music or something. As it was, I got there at like 9:45 anyway and the con opened at 10:00. (I had to get up at 7:00 to manage that though and 7:00 is basically crack of ass o’clock for me, so that…was not easy.) The drive to the con was surprisingly easy (except I think I accidentally ran a toll booth ^^;;; I thought C-pass was like Sunpass but now I don’t think it is???? I guess they’ll send me a ticket if I fucked up too badly xD) If only the drive back was the same >.> (spoiler alert.)

Friday ended up being a really full/long day! But in a good way mostly? Jaimy and everyone found me within minutes.

Alice, Girafarig and I don't remember who Jaimy was this day other than security freaking out and thinking she had a speargun ^^;;

So we hung out and walked around for a bit and I got some more pictures:

Photograph ALL the SNKs!

I hung out with this Eren later that day. This was his first cosplay. HOW.

I don't know who she is but she's really pretty and look at that prop!! O_O (Edit: Talys says she's Fang from Final Fantasy XIII)

This was the first Madoka I found and I kind of chased her down yelling after her so I might have startled her ^^;;; I'm sorry Madoka! I was just excited!

Then we went to the Cosplaying on a Budget panel.

This Skullkid cosplayer was at the panel, and I'm like 99% sure she's the cute tiny hyper girl who ran the props panel I went to last year xD

After that I had time to kill before the next panel so I did some more shopping and people-watching.

This Astrid cosplayer is fanastic and mega props to the person cosplaying Stormfly.

Here's a good Adventure Time group for fans of that show! (Also Joker is checking his texts there in the backgound.)

This girl from Soul Eater is adorable! (I feel so bad I forgot to upload her picture the first day I made this post OTL)

Justine as Alice with I think another Alice?

Another Astrid and the Painted Lady! Both of whom are totally gorgeous u_u

Joffrey be over here like "why does nobody want to hug me =("

A super-cute steampunk! How is she wearing those shoes and not dying??? The guy next to her is just basking in her glow.

A very fab Cruella~

Fantastic Toph and Zuko cosplayers!

I had already done a lot of shopping the day before so I just picked out a gift for my mom =3 It was a pewter wolf-dragon necklace.

Then I went to the AoT panel and it was really fun, the VAs are all such funny nice people. <3 And at the end, the panelist invited everyone in AoT cosplays to come up and do a group photo with the VAs! It was super cool. I'm hoping they post a picture of it on the website soon TAT

This very cute Petra was sitting behind me at the VA panel x3

After that we immediately all got in the (extremely looooong) line for autographs. I hadn’t seen a print I liked of all the characters, so I had them sign my cloak =3 Ashley Burch said I was one of the best Sashas she’d seen! <333

My autographs! The lighting in this picture is awful OTL

After that was lunch, and then basically hanging out until 6:15 when it was time to take pictures with Danica. I really do like just people-watching and looking for cosplayers to take pictures of.



And Kida! It makes me so happy to see Atlantis cosplays. =3=

I don't know her character I'm just a creep who likes to take pictures of people I think are cute xD; (Edit she's Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. I knew she looked familiar. >.>)

Russia came to join the con. I am very much liking that coat.


At one point I went outside to call home and these two random guys who I think were drunk came up and were like, “Can we take a picture with you? We don’t know who you are or what this con thing is but it seems fun. You’re really hot by the way!” I blame the straps tbh. The SNK straps are very attractive u_u.

Also there was ANOTHER cutie outside and someone needs to send help right now because she is super kawaii????? TOO KAWAII??? ILLEGAL????

Then I ended up hanging out upstairs and was in the right place at the right time because this guy was going to do a little video of SNK cosplayers, so I got to be in it! It was fun and I got to meet a lot of nice people while we were setting up.

Time for a snack break with the Sashas!


I don't know what's going on here and I think it's prudent if I don't ask questions.

There was a guy cosplaying Eren and his friend cosplaying Zoro from One Piece who I hung out with.

Everything was great until he tried to steal my bread >_________>

This sailor scout was there, she'll defend me and my bread!

I admire this guy so much for playing Titan Eren because oh my god the poor guy was literally shivering from cold. I would die of freezing if I was him. It made me want to offer him my cloak or something, I felt so bad.

I love this picture because of the Intense Eren in the background running like GONNA KILL SOME MOTHAFUCKING TITANS YES.

I had to get a picture with him. Meanwhile Eren has stopped killing titans and decided to photobomb.

This picture makes no sense I just really wanted to do the dumb Sasha pose xD

I gave Sasha that bread. xD

The cameraman had them walk and pretend to be chatting while Levi ran along behind them to clean xDD

And then there's Eren xD

It was fun to be part of. If you want to see the music video we were in it's here!

Here's a picture of all of us that were at the meet-up! It was fun!

Then it was photoshoot time~

But first I had to stop and take a picture of Anna and Hans u_u

Also me and Danica as San from Princess Mononoke.

It was a really tiny photoshoot because there was really no good backdrop at the con so we were stuck with one place, but I’m still really happy and thankful Danica did it for me. <3 Because the 3DMG was holding up okay, I decided to walk around with it a little bit and show it off. (I don’t want to be seen as bragging but I do feel like it was one of the best 3DMGs at the con, and it made me so happy that I could make something people liked. Honestly my favorite thing about cosplay is when people just get so happy to see their favorite character portrayed. Seeing others smile because of something I made is awesome.) Plus on a selfish note, after all the work and stress and freaking out I put into it, I wanted to show it off! Luckily lots of people liked it. u///u I also found that Eren from earlier and hung out with him and his friends for awhile.

Until I get Danica's pictures this is the only full-body shot I have of Sasha. xD Luckily it's a good one!

His friend was cosplaying a character from the SNK manga and since I haven't read it I have no idea who he is. xD He called himself a walking spoiler. Also Deadpool and Spiderman photobombing.

Hit Girl from last year was there stretching and warming up for the skit she was going to do at the Masquerade. She and her friend were doing splits so two of Eren's friends decided to show off and try to do splits too:

The Doctor looks like he is severely regretting his life choice.

I had been thinking of going back to the hotel after the photoshoot, and then after doing a walk-around, because by this point my wig was literally killing my head. I had to make it and the wig cap super tight and then hairpin it in twenty different ways to make it stay on my head, and it was hurting SO much. But the photoshoot and then walking around ended up being so much fun I forgot about it a little bit and decided to watch the Masquerade contest. I found Jaimy and her sisters on the way there and we went in early to get seats.

The masquerade was fun because everyone did skits, but honestly by the time it started I was already starting to regret it. My head hurt, my whole body was aching from trying to move in ways that wouldn’t hurt the 3dmg (on the plus side my abs look great now, considering I had them clenched for at least an hour while trying to sit perfectly still.) and my feet were killing me. Not because the shoes were uncomfortable or anything, I think it was just the sheer amount of walking/standing I had done. I couldn’t lean back or put my arms down without pressing on part of the 3DMG and I seriously was dehydrated and could tell I needed to eat. I got some water and a few candies from people around me but it wasn’t enough. Plus I hadn’t peed since 8 that morning and let me tell you, that gets uncomfortable. /tmi Still, I stuck it out to see the whole thing. Even if from where I was sitting I couldn’t see all the performances =( Hit Girl from the dance contest last year was there! So was Katana, the beautiful girl from the same contest with the blue ninja/Mortal Kombat cosplay. Yes I will always be a creeper over her.

Some pics from the contest:

This guy did a little song and dance.

These two did ventriloquism with Homestuck puppets to a song I think was from Avenue Q?

They did a skit from a scene from Portal. It was the one with the potato? Which made Sasha happy at least. xD

This girl sang opera. LITERALLY sang opera, it was beautiful. Everyone in the room just kind of gaped at her.

Captain America sang the National Anthem. A lot of people stood up for it but I was in the 3DMG kit and couldn't move so I didn't ^^;;

Daenerys did a speech from the show (I think? I didn't remember it from the books) and did a great job. I love how fierce she is. /o/

This SNK group sang We're All in This Together xD


They really had the synchronization down though.

The Host Club did a skit and dance to Psy's Gentleman song. xD Like all my pictures of them came out blurry, but they did a geat job.

This Loki did a speech from one of the movies and honestly he did a great job memorizing and saying it, BUT HE LOOKS TOO KIND AND SWEET TO BE SCARY? I took four pictures of him and in every single one he looks so nice and friendly. This was actually the 'scariest' one. ^^;;; I'm sorry Loki.

After it was over I booked it to my car. (On the way there some people in another car stopped and yelled out their window “SASHA WE LOVE YOU.”) Because it was like 10:45 I figured the drive back to the hotel would be easy peasy since who’s out driving around in the middle of the night? Turns out, LOTS OF PEOPLE. It took me like 45 minutes to get back, a drive that took 10-15 minutes that morning. It was actually kind of scary D= Traffic was crawling so slowly, and there was just SO much of it, constant bumper-to-bumper. And I’m not used to driving with shoes on (I pretty much always drive barefoot because I am a filthy hippie.) and almost rear-ended someone because my foot was on the gas and I didn’t even realize it. Thankfully I stopped in time. Driving in the city is the most stressful thing in the world, I hate it. D=

I finally made it to the parking garage and just left all my props in the car. I was so exhausted, I just wanted to make it to my room and then collapse. As much fun as cosplay is, nothing feels better than getting out of it. Seriously when I finally got it all off and got in the shower and put the water on that massage setting on my shoulders/head I started hysterical laughing-crying because it felt so nice. ^^;;;

This, kids, is what happens when you stuff flair-legged pants inside of knee-high socks and then put on boots over them and wear that for 14 hours.

Like I’ve said before, there’s always one day at the con when I completely overdo it and don’t take care of myself and this was the day. ^^;; I got up way early, I didn’t eat in the morning because I was too nervous, and although I had pizza for lunch, I didn’t hydrate nearly enough, and dinner (which basically involved spreading out all the food I’d brought and just grabbing pieces of everything and snarfing it down) ended up being at midnight. It really was a fun day! But it left me so beat. ^^;;


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