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Florida Supercon 2013 Part Two: Saturday and Sunday

Part One is here


TO ANYBODY WHO WANTS ANY OF THE PICTURES: I resized all these photos to make uploading/posting easier. I still have the high-res files for almost every single one of these, so if you see a picture of yourself or a friend and want a copy of it, don’t just right-click-save the dinky little resized version! Let me know which ones you want (comment here or e-mail me at peaceandbooks @ gmail) and I’ll e-mail you the high-res file(s). Much better for printing or editing! =D

Saturday - Day 3

I slept in on this day too because why the hell not. xD I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be until 11:45, and I knew it was going to be a looong day, so I tried to sleep for as long as I could. I didn’t head down until around 11:30. To get to the outdoor walkway to the convention center you cut through a little mall.

There were some Homestucks in said mall.

So anyway I’m all herpaderp, walking through the mall, and reach the doors and suddenly MASSIVE LINE OF PEOPLE. Holy crap. I don’t even want to know how many thousand people were there and would honestly not be shocked if the place reached capacity. It really does suck for the people who could only come Saturday and who didn’t buy tickets online, some of them probably spent a few hours in line.

The line kind of freaked me out, but I realized pretty quick it was for people who were buying tickets that day and skirted it. Still, I was getting a little nervous about making my noon photoshoot appointment, because I also had to stop to get my guns peace bonded, and I didn’t know if that would have a huge line too. Luckily when I got there it was just a couple people waiting at security, so I rolled up all cool with my tree guns, and the security guard looked at them, smiled and said, “Aww, so cute. Get out of here.” I guess my guns were too cute to be threats…xD It’s just so funny because they peace bonded Jasmine’s stick that she was carrying a little hobo-style pack on. Yet they decided my guns were okay. Not that I’m complaining of course, because that meant there were no ugly zip ties in my photos!

I headed to where I’d met Danica before to wait for her. Got some photos while I waited, and a couple people wanted pictures of me! They had no clue who I was, they just liked my cosplay. Which is legit, I take tons of photos of people who just look cool.

It was so crowded D=

There was a Journey cosplayer hanging out in line there.

Also Oscar the Grouch! I really have to wonder how he sat down in that cosplay. xD;

Also some super sexy assassin girls~

Danica arrived and we set off to find some locations. Since plants were a prerogative, we went back to where we’d taken my Vanellope photos. Took some there, and decided to search around and see where else we could find. Long story short, we ended up doing some law-breaking. xD There was this overpass that they were letting people park under, and we went there because we saw some trees by the parking lot, but then we noticed a hole in the fence. >D So of course we went through it, and ended up under the next section of overpass where some train tracks were. It was perfecttt, so atmospheric and creepy and beautiful. I’m also pretty sure it was totally illegal to be back there, but nobody found out. A stray dog came by while we were there which made me kind of nervous because I was like “CAN THIS NOT TURN INTO RABIESCON, THANK.” But the dog ran off.

After a bit of trespassing in the name of art, we headed back.

You can see my whole photoshoot at her page here, but here's my personal two favorites from it!

Right as we got back I found Jamie and co.

Non-Chaos Aelita!

I love her ears and earring x3

Justine! She's so cute although I'm kind of concerned about the knife. xD The thing I love about this picture too is that if you look at the people in the background, three of them all seem to be eyeing her and her knife nervously. xDD

After that my next plan was oubento at 2:30, and I had to get a bento box, so I headed inside for the booth selling them, but got waylaid.

First by a Canada.

Then at a photobooth where they were making holographic photos. The guy was a great sales person and I was feeling pretty good about myself after the great photoshoot, so I had one made. xD

This little Sailor Moon was also getting a picture taken! She was so adorable, because even though her costume is obviously homemade and imperfect, she was SO excited to be there. In her mind, she WAS Sailor Moon! She was having the best time and that's exactly what cosplay should be about. ^^

Then I kept walking and came to a booth where there was a plushie Fluttershy. She was super soft and cuddly and so cute and I wanted her right away, but it would have used up basically all the cash I had left on me, and I still needed that bento box. So I was like, “…if I run back to my room for my credit card can you hold her?” 8D And the girl said she would, so I hurried back (and tore off some of my arm bandages – I’m glad I scheduled my photoshoot first thing, because the arm bandages didn’t last half the day) and fixed up my costume since my holster strap had broken and my chest bandages were dipping a little dangerously low on one side) and then headed back down AGAIN, by this point really tired and thirsty and dehydrated. But, I did run into Ashe in her Hiccup cosplay! I love this costume, it’s really cute.

Also Hipster!Flynn and Rapunzel 8D

There was also this adorable Madoka! Even though I was rushing back, I HAD to get her picture.

I found another Homura on the way back, too.

Fluttershy's creator was so cute, she hugged her and then handed her to me and was like, “Now make sure to take good care of her! Hug her a lot and keep her safe because she’s shy and there’s lots of scary people here.” And then she told me how she covered Fluttershy’s eyes when some Silent Hill cosplayers walked by. I stopped by her booth on Sunday to ask if she’d ever made a Rainbow Dash and we talked about Fluttershy and how she was hiding safely in my bags that day because the con was a little too much for her to handle. u_u I know I have a rule about not using my credit card but...but look at her!!!


Fluttershy was made by Loli Loves Rain! And she takes pony plush commissions! ;D

I also found these ponies on the dealers room floor

And this great Sailor Venus!

After buying the Fluttershy I finally made it to the booth with the bento boxes, which were in mystery grab bags, so you didn’t know which one you would get. (Mine ended up being shaped like a strawberry!) Then I headed upstairs thinking I could escape some of the crowd and could just sit down outside the panel room to rest until it. I had like 45 minutes, but hey, I could take pictures and stuff! Which was a great plan until I got to that hallway and found another massive line of people.

I guess they were all waiting for a Homestuck panel or something. I didn’t find out until I sat down and was there for like ten minutes before someone asked if I was in line for Homestuck, and they told me to get out of line. So I relocated to the opposite wall.

While I was there a girl stopped to tell me that my binding was really impressive. I felt pride. =’) And thankfulness at how small my boobs are.

I did get a couple pictures:

Lady Thor. I love her dress!

This lady had the Tardis built around her wheelchair. It was pretty awesome!

I don't know what she's from, but that is a kickass costume.

I think they're from Legend of Zelda?

Kim Possible! She is 100% in character and awesome.

But even the other side of the hall started to get crazy and jammed up, so finally, even though it was like 15 minutes early, I gave up and forced my way through the crowd into the panel room and was all, “I know I’m super early but it’s really scary out there, can I just chill for awhile??”

The panelist said sure, and even let me start making my bento early, so I had more time than everyone else. >D I made a garden scene for mine, and then tried to make a pinball scene, and gave up and ate that one, and part of the garden before I got really full. It was fun though, and the panelist thought my garden was really cute. x3

That one tomato was supposed to be a ladybug but I forgot what ladybugs look like so I just made a random bug. The tomatos on sticks are supposed to be mushrooms. xD

This was my lazyass pinball game. xD I WAS HUNGRY I DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY WITH MY FOOD ANYMORE.

Unfortunately the day kind of went downhill after that. I mean, it sucks when a con is totally dead, but it’s just as bad, if not worse when it’s crazy crowded I think. I saw tons of cosplayers I wanted photos of, but couldn’t get because there was just no room. All the hallways were all-go 100% of the time. You couldn’t stop to take or pose for a photo without jamming up the whole thing. In the same vein, you couldn’t really do much shopping because if you stopped at a booth, you jammed up the whole line behind you.

This Mami was the only cosplayer I got a picture of after the bento panel, and I had to chase her down for it. ^^;; I just really wanted to get all the Puella Magi cosplayers I could.

Considering that, Chigusa was both a good and bad cosplay for the day. Good, because not many people wanted my picture so I didn’t get stopped, and bad because this was the cosplay with the fragile props.

Because it was so crowded, there wasn’t any real fun in walking around. I found Jamie and co and sat with them for something to do before going to a How to Dance panel, which was okay, but not as amusing as I’d expected I guess. (Though I did learn what krumping was! Suddenly the dance from Thursday made sense!) Immediately after was a panel called Ninsaru, which I’d gathered was kind of a crack/random humor panel…which it was, but it was mostly potty/stupid humor, so I kind of regret going at all. Especially when, thinking I’d beat the crowd to the costume contest, I left it at 7:25-ish. But then I got to the main stage room and it was INSANE. There were so many people. I really wish I hadn’t bothered, or that I’d skipped both earlier panels and gotten there way sooner. It was cramped and loud and people just kept pressing in making me afraid of being trampled. I did actually manage to get a seat (and I was extremely lucky to get it), but there was this tall person in front of me and I was pretty far from the stage, so it was kind of pointless. I only saw like half the contest, (at least I got to see Jamie and Justine’s cosplays!) you could barely hear the announcer, and I couldn’t get any photos because people kept standing up or moving their heads. And then getting back out was a nightmare because there were hundreds of people trying to exit the room.

With that over, I had time to kill before hentai hour, so I went to a Q&A with a bunch of professional cosplayers, some of whom were a little drunk which made me uncomfortable and some of whom were half asleep from judging cosplays for the contest literally all day, which made me feel sorry for them. xD; They were a pretty funny group though, and it wasn’t a bad way to spend an hour. It was fun too because each time someone opened the door and turned to leave, the panelists would be like, “NO, COME BACK, GET YOUR ASS IN HERE AND JOIN US!” And then we’d all clap and cheer if they came in. xD

I was trying to take some candid shots of the panelists, but hispter!Ariel saw right through me. >.>

I decided to skip the Boku no Pico panel (It filled up early on so I wouldn’t have gotten in anyway, and besides it was more fun to watch it with Gina x3) in order to get in line for the Not Another Hentai panel. (Yeah…there was a line for a hentai panel. But then there were lines for everything that day.) I’d honestly been considering skipping it since I was tired, but I’d already bragged online about this panel, and I really did want to see it, plus the people in line were funny and some of them had been to similar panels and were talking about them, and that woke me up and got me psyched for it. xD One guy started a “WHO WANTS TO WATCH SOME HENTAI? WOOO!” cheer.

And then the panel itself was hilarious. I know my mom’s going to read this so I won’t go into detail, (hi Mom! 8D) but some of the clips were so ridiculous. There was even one dubbed into English and it was the most hilarious thing. xD I’m disappointed though because they didn’t show Harumi Bad Play. ;_; I mean come on! But they did only have so much time, and they skipped over a lot of clips, so maybe they just didn’t get to it.

The whole thing was funny from beginning to end, but one of the best parts was when they opened with this completely ridiculous clip (penises with faces. That’s all I have to say.) and the whole back row of people stood up and walked out. xDDDD I think the whole room laughed for five minutes straight. xD I mean, in the description of the panel it said we’d be watching the most fucked up hentai they could find…I’m not really sure what these people expected! It was also hilarious when, right as another particularly weird scene was happening, someone opened the door, stared in for like two seconds, and then slammed it shut. You could tell they’d heard us all laughing and were like, “wow, what kind of fun party is happening in this room? =D?” Then they opened the door, saw the screen and went “NOPE.” |||D

After that it was 1:00, and I headed back to my room. I didn’t even bother packing or getting ice like I planned, I just crashed. It was a long day, but totally worth it.

Sunday - Day 4

I knew I had to pack to leave, but I was so tired from the night before that I slept in until 9:30 anyway. I woke up and turned on my phone to find a text from Pluto, and that woke me up! =D We decided to meet up later and I lugged all my stuff downstairs bit by bit. (I also tripped in the parking lot and fell on my face and stubbed my toe. =( Luckily nobody saw.) It took awhile. X_x I also turned into the Gatorade fairy at one point because I had some extra bottles that I didn’t feel like bringing home, so I just handed them out to the people in the elevator car with me and one guy declared Vanellope to be way better than 20% cooler, which made the Rainbow Dash in the car a little pouty. xD

I finally made it down to the con around noon and bought candy and walked around and took pictures while trying to find Pluto.

A random pretty person!

Italy! Italy was really nice and gave me a hug. x3

A Sailor Scout and a random cutie! I love the girl on the right's outfit.

I was just about to take some girls’ pictures when someone tapped my shoulder and was like, “Are you Puzzle?”

Me: “Are you Pluto?”

And we both nodded and then shrieked and glomped each other. =DD (I did get the photo I’d been about to take, it was the one of the Sailor Scout and her friend xD)


Of course we had to get a photo together. x3

One of Plutos friends as Chihiro!

Since I didn’t really have any plans other than maybe do a Disney panel and watch the runway contest (the slots filled up before I could enter.), I followed them around for most of the day. We got lunch at the Au Bon Pain (I had a smoothie since I’m more of a brunch person around noon, plus my throat was dry ^^;) and then walked around and shopped. I bought a Good Omens print and since I got one, Pluto was able to get one for half-price. =3

Print by Selan Pike!

She also gave me a little Brian drawing! <3 He’s pinned on my wall and looks vaguely concerned about my dolphin poster over his head. Probably worrying the water will put his fire out.

Some more Sailors hanging out by the escalators~

Tokyo Mew Mew! <3

Someone from Homestuck and once again HOW are you walking in those shoes. O_o

This was the falconer from the Shire group! He was giving a little explanation of how to be a falconer legally. When you have owls embroidered on your clothes you know you're legit.

He also had a falcon who was just like "wtf who are you" at everyone who walked by. xD

This Peter Pan was really bubbly and cheerful and cute!

I was trying once again to take a candid photo of people relaxing at the con, but that Indiana Jones is totally onto my plan.


And these people all saw me. I suck at taking candid photos! I'm always spotted!

Here's Ed and Roy again!

This random battle happened. xD

Of course I had to get a picture of Jamie and Jasmine. x3

I also found an adorable little group of Disney girls, omg they were precious. DEAR PARENTS OF THE WORLD PLEASE TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO CONS AND LET THEM DRESS UP OKAY.

I learned children are strangely not nearly as terrifying if you’re dressed as a Disney character. xD Kids loved my Vanellope cosplay, and I wasn’t scared of them at all! One little girl I saw while walking around the artist alley even asked her mom if I was the real Vanellope and it melted my heart. And I passed another little girl and her mom on the escalator and the little girl gasped and waved at me and told her mom, “It’s Vanellope! She’s so pretty!” And these little girls were really cute too, and were all, “Hi Vanellope! We watched your movie!” Jesus what’s happening when did kids suddenly get cute. Clearly my destiny is to move to Orlando and get a job as a Disney face character.

Then we headed over to a seating area to chill. Pluto and her friends all drew while I was annoying and jumped into conversations and accidentally invented the Gatorade fandom. ^^;;

Some fellow WiR cosplayers!

I'm envious of her gold medal/coin. xD

We split up around 4:30, just before the runway contest. (I went in early because I wanted a good seat for photos. Amusingly, I ended up sitting right behind Rob and Ashe. xD) I took tons of photos, unfortunately a lot of them came out blurry. But I did get a good amount!

This first girl was great because the judges asked if she made her costume, and she was like, “Well, no. I’m from Key West. A drag queen made it for me.” Everyone cheered. So did I. Monroe County represent!

This dude was very debonaire

I LOVE this Vaporeon's outfit! She designed her dress so it had a train shaped like a fish tail, and had that scarf that she used to her water "attacks." Super pretty, and she won an award! She totally deserved it.

I don't know who he is but he likes Gangnam Style. xD

Some kind of magician? Maybe?

There was also a couple with their baby as Naruto, and the judges question was “did you make the baby yourself?” Then the announcer cut in: “See, I was going to ask how long it took to make the baby.” xDD Then when the couple acknowledged that the symbols on their scroll were mostly gibberish, the judges seemed disappointed and the dad went, “Hey, I made a baby! What more do you want from me!” They won the group prize, and when they went to receive it they did the Lion King circle-of-life Rafiki pose and held the baby up. xD

Hit Girl again! Their question for her was "Are you kick ass?" And she said yes and pranced off.

I don't know who she is. xD The judges asked what was in her paw-sleeves, and she said, "you don't want to know," which made everyone go >.> <.< >.>

Young Justice gets into a bitch fight. xD

League of Legends I believe? They asked the guy how his feet felt in those shoes and he was like, "at first they I can't feel anything." He has fantastic legs tho, they both do, can we all agree on that.

Velma! She walked on stage and said Jinkies, and the announcer goes, "Velma said jinkies! It must be a clue!" Everyone laughed, and then he said, "Okay you all laugh, but how many of you actually watched A Pup Named Scooby Doo?" And like half of us raised our hands. It was a cute show!

Aaaand I don't remember who they are, either. ^^;;

This girl was a witch. I love this picture because of how you can see her creepy claws in the shadow of the flash!

Natsu from Fairy Tail!

I could never get into Fairy Tail, but I've gotta give my support to any fans of Hiro Mashima u_u

Lesbian lizard woman from the dawn of time? Maybe? She also won an award. =3

LITTLE KIKI AGAIN JESUS I TURN INTO A CREEPER EVERY TIME I SEE HER I JUST CAN'T DEAL WITH HOW CUTE SHE IS. I think she was Little Link last year? SO MUCH CUTENESS. If I adopt a kid someday can I get one just like this.

I know this picture is blurry, but I love how graceful she looks. x3

I named this photo 'shesrlycutesrsly' and I think that sums up all my thoughts.

That cool mecha girl from earlier!

Taiwan from Hetalia! How gorgeous can you get?

During Bolin and Amon's turn, one judge asked where Bolin’s fire fox was. Then someone else went, “It’s a fire ferret!” And the announcer suddenly yelled, “FAKE GEEK GIRL! WE HAVE A FAKE GEEK GIRL HERE. OOHHH.” xDD

Another cute person but I don't know what character they are!

Death the Kid and a great big flash. xD


This guy was waiting for the judges to decide if they had any questions for him. They were taking awhile so he pulled a banana out of his pants.

No I mean literally he pulled out a banana and started eating it. xD The announcer was like, "why...?" And the guy just goes, "Potassium." And then walked off stage.

Transforming Tardis girl! She had this long dress on, then tugged at the strap-

And then turned into cute sparkly Tardis girl. x3

Lolita Hobbits! THEY'RE SO CUTE. And they made their dresses all themselves! =O They won first prize and totally deserved it.

Because I adore Bolin despite barely even watching the show, I had to get a decent picture of them after the contest was over.

I also found another Vanellope as I was leaving! I like how she did her skirt. x3

After the contest I stopped to change clothes and headed out. No incidents really there, other than one of my side mirrors was somehow crooked? So I had the fun experience of adjusting it with one hand out the window while driving 70 mph in five lanes of traffic, swearing all the way. Note to self. Triple-check mirrors.

All in all Supercon 2013 was really fun! There were very few jerks and creepers, (that I ran into anyway) and even though it was sickeningly crowded on Saturday (the con seems to get more and more crazy crowded every year, and this year was probably the worst) people still seemed to be polite and careful not to trample each other. I guess there's a rumor it might change venues next year because of how big it's getting. I think more room was definitely be nice, but I hope the friendliness and fun atmosphere never change. <3


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