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Florida Supercon 2013 Part One: Thursday and Friday


I might do a post about just my cosplays and their construction in the future, but for now I just feel like talking about the con. x3 As always, I get detailed. Crazy detailed. I like being able to re-read my recaps and remember it like I'm there again. If you just want to scroll through for the pictures, that's a-okay!

TO ANYBODY WHO WANTS ANY OF THE PICTURES: I resized all these photos to make uploading/posting easier. I still have the high-res files for almost every single one of these, so if you see a picture of yourself or a friend and want a copy of it, don’t just right-click-save the dinky little resized version! Let me know which ones you want (comment here or e-mail me at peaceandbooks @ gmail) and I’ll e-mail you the high-res file(s). Much better for printing or editing! =D

Part Two is here

Wednesday - Road Trip to Supercon

Even after talking to my Yugi until three in the morning I still woke up at 9:00 and gave up on sleeping in. This was good because I took longer than I expected to do everything…as usual. xD I bought supplies (gods make-up is expensive and confusing D=) and foodstuffs and then packed. I even made a detailed checklist this year so I wouldn’t forget anything. (spoiler alert: EXCEPT I DID ANYWAY.)

I left right around 1:00, and got about a mile before I suddenly realized CRAP CRAP I FORGOT VINYL’S EARS AND HORN. So of course I pulled over and raced back, only to realize as I was getting them that I’d also forgotten her glasses! Thank goodness I remembered, I would have been a very sorry Vinyl Scratch with no ears, horn or glasses ;A;

The downside is I also forgot my scissors so I ended up using the little pair on my penknife on my keys for everything the whole con, and (and this is kind of embarrassing) my security blanket and my plushies. ^^; I always have at least my kitty plushie Snowflake with me, and kind of need my blanket, which is actually a curtain tie-back, because running my fingers over the embroidered edge is how I calm myself down enough to sleep. This was literally be the longest I’ve ever been away someplace without them. I didn’t sleep very well the whole trip, but luckily I tired myself out so much that I DID get sleep one way or another.

Besides that, the start of this year’s supercon was much smoother than past years. I made it all the way to the hotel without getting lost! /o/ It’s a miracle! And traffic wasn’t too awful on the turnpike/826. It got kind of scary on the last leg of the trip because I panic in heavy traffic and there were only two lanes because of road work, but I made it. Got to the hotel at 3:50, probably the earliest I ever managed to make it. I was able to park with no problem and hauled my stuff upstairs as usual in multiple trips. Can I just say how weird it is to me though that there were people there for the con in groups who didn’t have as much luggage as I did? How are you people here for a con with just one bag and a backpack?? I need a suitcase, a giant cardboard box, a messenger bag, two coolers (they’re tiny coolers but still) and like six plastic/canvas bags to schlep all my crap up and I only brought the necessities. I’m not sure if I’m a bad packer, or these people just had simple costumes or something. Or I guess maybe they didn’t go in costume. I forget that there are people who come to cons without costumes. xD (Not that this is a bad thing. Shaming people for not coming in cosplay ain’t cool. But I do envy how easy transporting their luggage must be.) Also I think I bring more food with me than others do. I think a lot of people eat the con food or at restaurants nearby, whereas I bring all my own food for dinners and ALWAYS bring more food than I need. If you’re ever at the same con as me and you’re starving, you know who to come to. xD

I also have to give Supercon props for fixing some of their mistakes from last year. They had it set up so that if you had a full-weekend pass, if you arrived on Wednesday you could check in and get your wristband without having to wait in line on Thursday. It was super simple and organized. AND they had the programs printed up! Since there’s been at least two years where they didn’t get the programs out until midday or even the night of the first day, this is awesome for them. You go Supercon. Four for you =’)

The hotel gave me two cookies because I had reserved a two-person room just in case the universe made it happen that Gina could come with me, and I ate them both because I’m a pig. Then I spent the evening reading my journal from when I was 14 and felt shame. A lot of shame.

Thursday - Day 1

Despite not sleeping well, I still got up at 7:00 because I was tired of tossing and turning and decided to start the day! Plus I had never put on my Vanellope cosplay in its entirety before, (hahaha, you really should not do this, kids. Don’t live on the edge like me.) and wanted plenty of time to mess with it. Had a shower to try to warm up (WHY IS IT ALWAYS SO COLD JESUS CHRIST) and had a moment of fear that my bathtub’s drain was broken, but it turns out it just drained really…really slow. Why do I always have plumbing problems at Supercon. 2011 it was a leaky faucet and now this.

I took a lot of time putting the costume on and doing my make-up. Vanellope has big cute eyes so I was hyper-focused on getting my eye make-up right. Despite this, it was still not even 10:00 when I finished. So I camwhored a bit.

This wig was great because it kind of kept the back of my neck warm. xD

I like how sassy this pose is x3

I'm really happy with how close I managed to get the colors of the hoodie and tights!!

I decided to go down around 10:40 since the doors opened at 11, and you can always catch cute cosplayers waiting around! Plus, it was – as always – my mission to get to the Wonderland Creations table to sign up for all of the things. Especially since I hadn’t even known they’d be there until the night before…for some reason, none of their workshops were listed on the online schedule! Luckily, they offered a ton of workshops this year and none of them really clashed with anything important, so Wednesday night I completely rearranged my plans. xD

My stomach was kind of queasy and jumpy, but it was just anxiety, (which I poured coffee on top of and probably didn’t help) because once I got to the convention center and settled in everything was fine. People LOVED my Vanellope cosplay. =DD Even though it was really uncomfortable to sit in, that’s the price of art I guess, because several people told me I had the best Vanellope skirt they’d seen. I got some pictures and a lot of compliments <3 Also Jamie, Jasmine and their little sis Justine found me within a few minutes, so right away I had people I knew.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask! I made it a point to try to photograph as many Sailor Moons as possible.

Look at this sweet Fluttershy! She was such a little cutie.

Vocaloid gets punk with snakebite piercings!

Jamie as Applejack! (I think this is Jamie. I'm going to feel like the biggest loser if I got their names mixed up. xD)

When I was resizing this picture I was randomly looking around the background, and noticed that dude on the left. I was like, "is he wearing a shirt with Blue Eyes on it?"

In fact he was! And he's wearing a Grateful Dead hat. I approve. You seem like a nice person, random dude.

Pony group! They're all adorable, but I love that Pinkie Pie's loli dress.

It wouldn't be a con without Hetalia!

I think these two are from Soul Eater. I like her coat =3=

Jamie, Jasmine and Justine!

I found a Misty =3 The funny thing about this picture was I was looking at her friend's camera and she was looking at mine, which means she must have a picture of me staring at the camera while she looks off randomly. xD


Like 99% sure he's from Adventure Time?

Rainbow Dash girl! She was really nice. (And I really like her mane.) This was her first con! I hope she had a great time. ^^

Asami! She's really pretty =D

We hung out outside and died of heatstroke until they finally let us in.

The layout was different this year, and I have to commend Supercon again on improving problems from the past. This year a lot of Artist Alley was upstairs, which meant more room downstairs for even more booths. Also, the doors had NUMBERS! Real live numbers. Last year I complained about this being an ongoing problem every year I went, but this year I had much fewer problems finding my way around, (the numbers were in kind of a weird order so I did get a little confused, but hey, at least they were there) and for that I applaud them.

We walked around trying to find Wonderland Creations, and finally found them in the hall. (Once again I was that person who showed up before they even had the sign-up sheets ready. xD) After signing up, we split up and I want to check out the artist alley and dealers room better. There were also some rooms with certain groups, including this one:

I think they were called the Shire of Southkeep? They're like reenactors. They even had a falconer! It was really cool.

I found a ton of booths with things I wanted to buy. I didn’t spend very much last year at the con, so I felt justified in spending a little extra this year to buy a lot of goodies. ;3

I got an Eevee plushie!

A ring for my mom (She loves silver jewelry and boxes, so this ring was perfect because it's actually a poison ring, and the little top opens up!)

And Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy earrings (They came in single pony pairs so I bought two because I cannot pass up flutterdash earrings. Plus then I can give a set to Gina when we get to meet. =3) (Unfortunately I forgot to their card, but according to the program I THINK they were made by Zombie Love Squad.)

I also found an Amon:

And an Ariel~

This picture sucks because of all the light behind her, but she was a really pretty Ariel. She even had a Little Mermaid tattoo on her shoulder. x3

I don't know what series she's from but she's rly cute! (This line is destined to be repeated throughout this post.)

Then there was this cute family. Parenting: you are doing it 100% right.

Tardis girl! I'm not a Whovian, but I know I have friends who are. xD

I think they're from Homestuck. They were funny. xD

Can we please talk about how awesome this girl looks I have no idea what she's from but WHOA.

The first Wonderland workshop I was going to started at 1:00 and it was like 12:30, so I decided to go make sure I could find it. xD On the way I heard people badly singing A Whole New World and ducked into the karaoke room. It was a good way to spend twenty minutes. And there were people to take pictures of!

Grell! He was so funny and in-character.

I don't know who she is either but she's also really cute!

Some kind of monster girl? I like her outfit a lot. x3

Here is a cute Twilight Sparkle~

And a Korra!

I know she's from Mortal Kombat (I think she's Katana?) SHE'S SO PRETTY <3 She was in the dance contest later that day and is an amazing dancer too.

Weirdly, I was the only one at the soumen and kakigori panel for awhile. I might have stayed the only one until a group of girls showed up and decided to join. The soumen and kakigori were delicious as last year, but made me freeze just like last year too. Also chopsticks are really complicated, but I managed to eat all my noodles with them. I’m so proud of myself. xD I ate with chopsticks at every food panel I did this year! I refused to give up.

While wandering around after that I came across a video game room. There were Batman and Joker cosplayers in the audience, and they talked them into playing a round as Batman and Joker in the game. xD


SPEAKING OF CUTE PEOPLE LOOK AT THIS KIKI <33 I'm happy to say she won an award at the Runway Contest. x3

After that I went to a cosplay make-up panel, where I learned I was totally wearing the wrong kind of foundation for photos. ^^;; I ducked out of there a bit early to make it to the Brony Meet-up, which was just a room over luckily. xD It was a fun panel. We all talked about our predictions for season 4 and random thoughts. One person pondered how the concept of clothes had come to the ponies – obviously fashion is a thing in their world, but since clothes aren’t necessary, where did the ponies get the idea to invent them? To which the panelist replied “it’s a show about small talking pastel horses and you question the clothes.” They did trivia too. The guy next to me kept trying to encourage me to answer the questions. Apparently it was his dream to see Vanellope answer pony trivia. xD I was kind of nervous though because my photoshoot was at 4:00 and I knew I’d have to leave early, so I wasn’t focusing. Then, right as I was leaving, they asked a question (what way did the Flim Flam brothers suggest splitting the profits with the Apple family?) and everyone seemed kind of stumped. So I burst back in and was like, “I KNOW THIS!” But when they called on me my mind blanked out, and I changed my answer at the last second – to the right one! I was going to say 60/40, but that didn’t sound right, and it wasn’t. It was 75/25, which was the answer I switched to. Apparently my brain has a place reserved for overriding incorrect answers about pony trivia. I got a pony blindbag as a reward. Unfortunately it was just one of the Twilight recolors, but she’s still kinda cute.

I met up with Danica, the photographer at 3:45. She was really nice! We ran around and did photos in a bunch of different places, and I looooove the results. Getting a photographer to do a proper shoot of your cosplay is 100% worth it!

You can see all my photoshoot pics here, but here are two of my faves x3

I also took a picture of just the Delorean because awesomeeee

The photoshoot ended at 4:30, giving me just enough time to rush to button making! I wanted to make a brugo or Brian button, but I got annoyed and gave up trying to draw people, (also the panelist thought I was drawing Sailor Moon. I’m sorry Brian. I guess I made you look like a girl. ^^;) and instead made a Yugioh (puzzleshippy) button and a Brewdening button.

Even though nobody there (and it was just me, a guy and another girl) knew what Brewdening Love was, they all totally understood when I was like, it’s a trollfic that’s hilarious. The girl next to me made a button that said Con Virgin No More because it was her first con. I met a couple people that weekend where this was their first con. I think Supercon is a great choice for losing your con virginity. u_u That ended at 5:30, giving me just enough time to hurry downstairs before crepe flower making and get Eric Stuart’s autograph and a photo with him~

I also found some more cuteness during the trip downstairs and back x3

Why are they so cute tho


Also a fabulous Team Rocket x3

It was just me and another girl doing crepe flowers. They were supposed to be roses, but mine came out more like a lily.

When that was over I caught the last half of the cosplay road show panel, but first I found a Discord.

I told him to be menacing.

This pose he chose on his own. xD

I also found a super awesome Shining Armor at the cosplay road show panel!

His cosplay is fantastic! *A*

I also felt really special, because all three panelists are these well-known cosplayers who are actually professionals and are paid to come to cons, and all three of them randomly stopped at some point to just announce to the room that they loved my cosplay. Eee!!

She was also at the road show panel. Not sure who she is, but look how dapper~

After that was straight over to the cosplay dance off at 8:15.

I ran into another Sailor Moon on the way. Look at that eye make-up!

Omg and at the dance off, this cute little boy, he couldn’t have been more than three or four, came over with his dad to ask if I would take a picture with him. So cute!! The dance off was excellent, I was able to actually record it this year, plus took pictures. My favorite was this little girl called Hit Girl. She won second place. Her mom was sitting next to me so we chatted a bit and I was part of her cheering squad. x3

Mortal Kombat girl was there. I'm sad that she didn't make it to the finals, because she really was good.

She looks so sassyyy

Also she could do this, which is freakin impressive.

This was from round 2. So graceful.

I just love it when cosplayers do like, boogie dance moves that are so not in character. xD It's adorable.

I really don't remember who these girls were gomen OTL

They worked it though!

This girl was just called Schoolgirl. She was totally boogieing.

She also did a great bitchface at the speakers when they started having technical difficulties xD

This is Sammy, he's the one who won last year. I just like this picture because his arm has turned into a cartoon blur. xD

Here's a picture where he's not being a cartoon. u_u

Here's Gary! Anyone remember him? He was the super cute Mikuo from last year! This year he was Prince Gumball.


It's hard to tell in photos but he really did dance super cutely. =3

Here's Hit Girl! This is how she started her dance.


I'm just saying, when this kid goes to the Olympics someday, can I get an autograph or something for being part of her cheering squad at Supercon?

I'm also proud of her because in the first round she wasn't able to finish her walkover. If I'd messed up a move in front of a crowd I'd be wayyy too shy to try it again, but in the second round she went right for it again and didn't give up! (And did two of them.)

Grell was there too! He did a bunch of Michael Jackson moves. He also danced to the song Call Me Maybe. xD

Sailor Moon group! I am extremely impressed that the red one (Sailor Mars? Maybe?) could dance in those heels.

Their dance was actually really well synchronized.

I love this picture because it looks like someone just told them to start freestyling, so the green one started gansgta dancing, the red one started belting out a heartfelt ballad, and Sailor Moon was like "RAISE THE ROOF PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999"

Again I don't know who he is, but I think he was krumping, which is a dance style that I learned about at Supercon this year!

This was The Fairy Tail Gang. (I knew that tattoo looked familiar.) They were funny because they kept taking their shirts off, and in round two the announcer was like, "okay, can we get the Fairy Tail Gang on stage? With all their clothes on this time?" At the same moment as they were all unbuttoning their shirts. xD One guy was like, "We're just going to take them off anyway!"

This dude was totally into it. He did some breakdance moves that were really cool, but he also nearly tore that wire out of the wall. xD

These girls did like a little halftime show while the judges decided on the final four.

These two were sitting next to me, so I got their picture while the judges were deciding. Look at their beautiful dresses! <3

These were the final four! It was cute because they were all great sports and would clap for each other and high-five each other after their rounds.

And the winners! Grell won first place, Hit Girl won second. After they got their trophies, people kept wanting their photos together but the height difference was like whoa, so Grell picked her up so they could take pictures. ='3 It was super cute.

Here's a shot a Supercon photographer took of the crowd. Spot the Vanellope! 8D

When that was over I finally had a chance to call home and say I was alive, but nobody answered because they were watching fireworks since it was like 9:15.

I went to a props-on-a-budget panel at 10:00. I actually got there early and the panel currently happening was something called Drunken Masters and you had to be 21 to join in. From what I can tell they just got the panelists drunk and then asked them weird questions. ^^;; I hate drunk people but they did get kind of funny when they started going off about the differences between eastern and western porn. xD I spent the time going through my camera and deleting the blurry pictures from the dance-off, which still left me with like 100 photos of just it.

The props on a budget panel was fun but I was a little spacey during it. The panelist was cute and tiny and really hyper. I envy her, since my energy was totally flagging at that point. But it was informative, and it made me realllly want a dremel. xD After it was over at 11:00 I went to the Supergirls of Supercon costume contest.

But first I found a Seto Kaiba. He got his coat signed by Eric Stuart, so it was a real red letter day for him!

The Supergirls contest wasn’t all that exciting since I was too far away to get many good pictures, but it was pretty cool that Danica won an award! Still, I was exhausted and sore and freezing, and slipped out asap. Never have I been so happy for the Florida hotness.

I took a couple pictures though:


Suddenly, cuddles for Catwoman!

Group shot. The Sailor Moon trio is there!

These two, (the Queen of Hearts and the Knave of Hearts I believe) were the first place winners. Dana Snyder asked the Queen of Hearts if she had anything to say and she yelled, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" And he was like, "um.......okay so the contest is over good night!" xD

Got back to my room around midnight, showered and feasted upon just about every foodstuff I brought with me. I was STARVING. I totally overdid it again and hadn’t eaten or hydrated enough. I always do that at least one of the days at a con. ^^;;

Friday - Day 2

The only good thing about crashing into slumber (if you get that reference, I’m sorry.) was that I was able to sleep. I didn’t get out of bed until near 10:00. I made myself eat breakfast because I learned my lesson about con-going on an empty stomach and got ready.

But first I randomly developed Juudai hair for some reason. xD

THEN I came Vinyl Scratch.

The first thing I had planned was to go to Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor’s QandA which wasn’t until 12:45, which gave me time to walk around and spend money. xD But first, I found Shining Armor again and had to get a picture with him!

He’s so tall O.o

We walked into the dealer’s room at the same time and there were these four girls and their moms there, and the girls took one look at me and shrieked and ran over to hug me. =’D Then they saw Shining Armor and had to run to hug him.

They were super sweet kids and we took some pictures with them. x3 Those moms are totally doing parenting right, too.

THEN I went off to spend money. xD

A girl was selling kawaii stickers and they were suitable for cars and she was so cute (she was dressed all Lolita-y, I wish I’d taken her picture) and excited about her stickers, so I bought two.

By Kawaii Universe! You should probably visit their website because everything is just so kawaii desu I cannot. (The cloud is for me, the dragon is for my mom. ^^)

This girl was also looking at stickers. She's really pretty with her poofy purple dress =3

I found a Ryou!

Also a Bakura!

I also got three pony charms from another booth. All I can say is this one dude was a really good salesperson. He caught me walking by and was like, “DJ PON-3, HOLD IT. HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THESE? THEY’RE PONIES!”

The booth was selling handmade charms, and I have to admit, they were REALLY cute. He was so excited about them. And he said they’d give me a discount if I bought three. So I ended up walking away with a Fluttershy, a Rainbow Dash and a Luna. xD

THEIR LITTLE FACES THO. <3 They're made by Visual Shojo.

He also threw in a plug for my phone’s headphone jack so that I could use the Luna one as a phone charm!

After this I stopped at the photo booth to get my picture taken. I found a Merida and a cute little Vanellope~

She don't need no man, AYE?

Little Vanellope!! If you have a small child and are not dressing them up and taking them to cons you're doing something wrong.

Here's Ashe and Adam, two of the people I hung out with last year! Looking fantastic as ever.

And there was no way I wasn't going to get a picture of this adorable Madoka. =3=

I'm not even going to try to explain this? xD

I ended up walking behind some people carrying a Vanellope cart, so obviously I had to follow them to their booth like a creep 8D. I just had a feeling something cute was going to happen!



I'm glad I wasn't Vanellope that day, because there is no competing with this kid let's be real.

Also this happened. xDDDDD

Then I went to the Q&A.

It was really fun! Eric and Veronica were both funny and cute. x3 Apparently Eric ships Seto/Mai. xD I also got to ask a question! I asked about the clip that The 4Kids Effect played last year where he sneaked “Leo Burnette and 4Kids are the devil” into the scene. Apparently it was because one year instead of paying him for the commercials they used his voice in, they just re-used some old clips he’d already been paid for, and didn’t pay him for the new commercials. He was really upset because obviously VAs aren’t rich and he really needed the money to support his family, so he and the show director sneaked it in. I still say Eric Stuart is a bonafide badass.

After that I went to the Madoka tea party, which was basically a non-event because it was PACKED by the time I got there and had turned into a “let’s just watch Madoka episodes” panel. So instead I decided to walk around and go to the 2:15 panel for translating costumes for cosplay.

Slenderman a-creeping.

Another cute Sailor Moon!

Roy and Ed!

This picture is the best picture every other picture can go home. u__u

Another Madoka with her very own Homura x3

I finally headed for the cosplay panel but I ended up in the wrong room, so I spent like ten minutes in a panel with Brittany Karbowski and another lady while they told a random story about poop on an airplane. xD Then I left and went to the right room. The panelist, Riddle, was one of the girls who had been at the cosplay roadshow panel the day before. She recognized me! I felt so honored =’) The panel kind of devolved into her telling us more stories about her cosplays, but she’s so cute and funny that it didn’t really matter, it was still a great panel. I would listen to her tell cosplay stories for hours. x3 That just sounded kind of creeper-y didn’t it.

There was a Sebastian and a Ciel~

After that I went to a tattooing panel. The guys were from a tattoo shop in the area (Hyper Ink Studios) and talked about the things that can go wrong if you don’t go to a safe shop, how to find one, some of the mistakes he’d seen, and let us ask questions. It was a nice panel, and one of the few rooms that wasn’t literally freezing cold. (I find it funny that most people complain cons are too hot, and here I am always freezing.) I got to talk to a girl about my tattoo (she wants one, but was nervous.) and the guy helped give some advice to a couple people with weird tattoo mishaps.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were at the tattoo panel!

I took a picture with them because how could I not.

That ended around 4:30. I headed outside to thaw out and call home, and ended up spending some time talking to the Rainbow Dash girl from the day before who was a black cat on this day. (She was also losing her con virginity at Supercon this year. xD) After that I bought ramune to take home to my coworkers, and took it back to my room. I also snacked on some mixed nuts (GINA I SEE YOU THERE AND I PROMISE THAT I ATE BETTER FOOD LATER.) to get some protein in. Then I decided to go back down and walk around until the takoyaki workshop. It was funny, because on my way back down these two random older Cuban ladies suddenly turned around and saw me, and like, attached to my arms and told this guy they were with to take a picture. xD I smiled and they were so happy, but it was funny because I’m not sure they knew who Vinyl was? I think they just thought I was cute or weird or something?

Found this Sailor Scout while walking around. She is uber cute with her giant poofy bow. x3

Also this Chibitalia who is so cute I want to take her home and give her cookies ;A;

Here's another Ariel!

I'm pretty sure they're from some Tim Burton movie? That bird is real too! She was very sweet and well-behaved.

When I was walking around, I ran into Jamie and co, who were going to the workshop too, so we hung out and then headed over together.

Chaos Aelita is chaotic. Also I love the red and black in this picture.

This fox girl is cool! I love her shoes.

THE TAKOYAKI PANEL WAS SUCH A GREAT IDEA. It was just us four, a guy who really liked my Vinyl cosplay, another guy and two other girls. There was enough for us all to get eight takoyaki balls. They made three kinds, one with cheese, one with hot dog (I got two extra cheese ones instead of that one) and one with octopus. It was really yummy!! (As the guy next to me kept saying, “this is really quite delightful!”) I liked the cheese one best, but the octopus one was good too. (Though I think it would be better if the octopus was cut up into smaller pieces.) It was a perfect dinner. If they do this panel again, I will be first in line.

Our panelist explaining how we're going to make said takoyaki.

After you pour the batter in you have to quickly add the filling.

Spinning them around while they cook! We all got to help with at least one step, and this was my job at one point.

Om nom nom! My bowl is kind of messy because I'd already eaten my first two before remembering I'd wanted to take a picture of them. xD;

There was a Charizard right outside the panel room.

Also a photobombing Luffy xD

And a Lilo and Stitch I found on the way out!

There had been a couple random panels I was thinking about going to, including the rave, but my head was really hurting from all the elastic around it by this point, and I was tired. And I knew Saturday was going to be pretty busy and late, so I decided to head back to my room at 8:00 and get out of costume and chill for the evening instead. On the plus side, my room’s bathtub drain was working again. /o/


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