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Supercon 2012: Part Three: Recap and pictures! (Sunday and Monday)

Part One, being about my cosplays and pics of me, is over here if you're interested. =3

Part Two, containing my recap and pictures of Friday and Saturday, is here.

TO ANYBODY WHO WANTS ANY OF THESE PICTURES: I resized all these photos to make uploading/posting easier. I still have the high-res files for almost every single one of these, so if you see a picture of yourself or a friend and want a copy of it, don’t just right-click-save the dinky little resized version! Let me know which ones you want (comment here or e-mail me at peaceandbooks @ gmail) and I’ll e-mail you the high-res file(s). Much better for printing or editing! =D

This post includes my entirely overly detailed recap of every single thing I did while there, but it's perfectly fine if you're just stopping by to scroll around and check out the pictures. I had my lovely new camera with me this year and I got a lot of pics of a lot of people. =3 Feel free to scroll away to your heart's content~

Any photo you see credited to Rob or K-Cuf Productions means that it was taken by the cool folks here. Check out their page; they have a ton of great pictures from Supercon posted!


I didn’t really have anything major planned for this day. There had been a voice acting panel I was considering attending at 11:45, but after the exhaustion of Saturday I ended up sleeping in until nearly 10:00 and even then had to drag myself from bed and take a half hour shower to wake up at all, so I knew making it to the con by 11:45 was not happening. So instead I took my time getting ready and headed out around 12:15 because there was a Brony panel at 2:00 that I figured I could still make along with taking some time to do some browsing in the dealer’s room, which I did. I also found a Juudai!

This was the same Juudai who was there last year, and I still really like her cosplay. u_u

Also, Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh!

She had a rainbow tail made of feathers. x3

The Brony panel was awesome; we watched Putting Your Hoof Down because Fluttershy is best pony. Everyone sang the theme song and we all sort of riffed the episode, but did so with love. Like we were obviously joking about a show we were genuinely fond of. There were lots of “awwwws” and “oh hell nos!” Then they did some trivia and had some people stand up and say why they loved the show and yell out who they thought the best pony was. It was a pretty cute panel. The panelist was dressed as Daring Doo and had brought little army men toys to give us as random gifts for asking questions. xD Everyone wanted an army man from Daring Doo so finally she began just hucking handfuls of them at us. xDD (I got one. ;3)

Daring Doo!

After that Kelly and Rob (who had showed up for the Brony panel) were staying in the room for a Dr. Who panel and since I had nothing better to do I stayed with them, but they decided to leave pretty early in since the panelists hated River Song, and Rob LOVES River Song (Alex Kingston is a pegasister it turns out!) so that was it for that. xD So instead we went to watch the Cosplay Dance Off, which was really fun and I actually got video of it! Some of the dancers were freaking amazing. O_o I just wish Youtube would stop being a jerk and would let me upload all the vids. >.<

I do have a short cute video of the Mikuo cosplayer from Friday doing Caramelldansen. =3

If I can get any of the longer videos to load, I'll post them later.

That ended around 3:45 and Rob and the others weren’t busy, so I got them to come do a quick photoshoot of my Aki cosplay. I had to run back to my room to get my duel disk and mask since there was no way I was wearing those to the con again. While waiting for them I saw this Applejack cosplayer:

We did the photoshoot outside at this little waterfall pond thing, the only really atmospheric place on the grounds. (Another group was taking some pictures there too.) There were a few accidental almost-panty shots I found on my camera later…but I suspect Kelly might have taken those on purpose. xD You can see pics from that shoot on my other Supercon post here. =3

They decided they wanted to play some game called The Quest at 6:00, which sounded a little iffy to me because all the program said was that it was like a scavenger hunt and it was 18+, but I figured if it was too weird I could always leave, so I agreed to meet up with them for that. Then we parted ways; I went back to my room to put my stuff away and they went to do some other game thing. I called home but nobody answered, so I left a message. In the meantime I decided to go to a pattern-reading panel at 5:00 because there’s always more to learn about patterns. I didn’t really learn anything super new, but the panelist was really sassy and fun to listen to. xD

Then I met the others for The Quest. On my way I found another Makorra couple. They were really nice. ^^

I wish there would have been just one Borra couple. Everything I ship dies! (Not to say that I didn't love all the Korras and Makos there. <3 Everyone's cosplays were awesome and they should all be really proud of them. =3)

Also, a Sherlock and John couple:

I've never watched this show but honestly I feel like I have from all the posts on my tumblr dash about it. ^^;

The Quest ended up not being nearly as iffy as it sounded. The only really racy thing was that a few girls flashed their boobs (mostly by choice) and the announcer swore a lot. But basically it was just a scavenger hunt taking place only in the room and only among teams. I guess the adult part of it was some racy humor, like asking each team to get a female wearing a bra and holding someone else’s, or – big hit – for two guys to skip to the front, one in a bra while the other applied lipstick, etc etc.

Photo by Kelly (using Rob's camera xD)

The guy in the Dr. Hooves shirt is Rob, and the one in the Derpy shirt is Josh. They were both on my team. xD Our team even almost won!

And now, proof that what happens at Supercon does not stay at Supercon. I give you, the bra dance:

Unfortunately my camera wigged out on me so I only caught the end of the dance. D< People kept running up to stuff money in the bra of the guy in the black bra on the left. xD Not gonna lie, he is pretty.

Photo by Kelly with Rob's camera

I think a good time was had by all. xD

The Quest ended at 7:00-ish. Then we stopped to buy vinyl stickers; Kelly bought me two. I didn’t even ask her to, I said I’d get her one since I was planning to buy two, (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash of course. I’m probably going to have to get a new car sometime this year because Ms. Bishi just needs too many repairs to justify, so I got these stickers to put on my new car when I get one.) and they were $5 apiece or three for $10, so why leave the third? But she grabbed the two I wanted and the one she wanted and paid for them all! It was nice of her. ;~;

I also found a Jack Sparrow:

He was funny and completely in-character the whole time. x3

The group invited me to come play telephone pictionary with them later, and I had a ton of stuff to organize for Monday, so we parted again. I came back, showered, sorted my stuff and lugged it all down to the car. (My shoulders will hate me forever.) Around 9:00 I went to their room. They were waiting on pizza and watching Jackass 3.5 which…is basically a movie of people getting hurt doing stupid stuff. ._. I seriously don’t get it. Why would you attach electrodes to your testicles on purpose and then hook them to a cattle prod? WHY?

So we hung out and snuggled. Kelly was totally pimping with me, Rob and Adam as cuddlebuddies. xD (Pat was jealous I think.) We ended up talking about Kafka somehow (one of the guys said he thought it would be great if someone re-wrote the Metamorphosis to where the guy was psyched to become a cockroach, and a short discussion of the book ensued.) Pat became fascinated by the idea of Kafka for some reason and got out his laptop to google it. The conversation turned to something else, when suddenly Pat goes, “Oh, dude, Kafka was an author?!”

We all just burst out laughing because it was such a stoner moment. We’d been talking about his BOOKS like ten minutes before. The pizza they ordered finally came and we all ate it in like ten minutes flat, (At which point Adam said sadly, “I just got really sad because I was excited for the pizza to come and then I realized I’d already eaten it…”) and started to play pictionary, which was actually really fun, unfortunately it got detrailed a few turns in because Ashley had to leave and the others had plans. =(

Telephone pictionary is basically where one person writes a phrase. Then the next person draws that phrase. Then the next person has to write what they think the drawn phrase means, and so on. I didn’t know what to put for mine so I wrote “be excellent to each other” because that’s sort of my standard go-to phrase. It wasn’t until Kelly gave me her phrase (Rainbow Dash on a zeppelin, also she’s wearing cool shades) that I was like, oh…I was supposed to do a phrase you could DESCRIBE. And then I felt really bad that Ashley had to deal with my stupid phrase. xD But after I saw Ashley’s drawing to my phrase I was impressed because she’d actually done a stick figure Bill and Ted outside their phone booth/time machine with the Circle K symbol on a building. It was cool that she actually got the reference. xD I hope someday I can play it again and do a whole round.


I woke up pretty early on this day (around 7:30 I think.) because I was paranoid about making it to the kokeshi panel (painting wooden dolls) on time, which started at 11:00. Since I had to get ALL my stuff to the car before then, and get dressed and so on.

When I was packing I put Tamir in a plastic bag and was like, "this looks too cute."

She looks like she's staring at her tail. xDD

I took my time organizing and taking the rest of my stuff to my car, but even so I ended up being ready to go at least 45 minutes early. So I read a bit and practiced some poses for the runway contest. ^^ I also called home again around 10:00 and still nobody answered so for the rest of the day I was like MY FAMILY HAS PROBABLY BEEN AXE MURDERED and was legitimately really anxious because that’s how I roll.

At 10:45 I went down to the con. It was so empty. Not a lot of people were able to stay for Monday. xD I did find this Azula though:

(I left the red-eye in because it made her look extra fierce. >3)

I tried to make a Brian kokeshi, but I didn’t get a chance to finish painting him. I brought him home to work on another time. xD The girl next to me was making a Seto one. And the sister of the lady running the panel had made a Momo one! I took pictures of it because it was too cute.

For the record, I want to reiterate, I did not make the Momo one. I couldn't pain a kokeshi half that good if I had all day. I just took its picture because it was adorable. =3=

The kokeshi panel ended at 12:00, but I stayed a little later since Wonderland Workshops had that panel room for the whole con, so nobody else was invading. At around 12:30 I went down to sign up for the runway contest, (which it turns out I didn’t even really HAVE to do, because they signed us up while we were in line to go onstage. >.<) Then I decided to go up and wait in the ballroom for it since I wanted to be there on time and all. I was really nervous about the contest taking too long; since the soumen and kakigori panel was at 2:00 and the runway contest ENDED at 2:00, I was worried about it running over. The amount of time contests take kind of depends on how many people enter, and the popular ones do run over. I really shouldn’t have worried. xD There were MAYBE 20 people in the runway contest, and it didn’t take long at all. The Rarity and Fluttershy girls from earlier in the con were dressed as Naga and Pabu. SO CUTE. <3_<3

There was also a little bitty Harley Quinn who was super adorable. She was only three years old and so cute. I didn't get her picture, but Rob did:


Little Link was there too! As well as another Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy team:

Little Link is so cute gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The contest was fun. ^^ It was really laid back and everyone was relaxed and chill and being silly, unlike the costume contest which is much more srs bsns. I totally worked the crowd by doing a little butt shake to make my tail swish and at least one person went “WOO!!” xD I felt so proud, I got a woo! I never get woo’s! And awesomely, I won best animated character! It was so much fun. I got a little trophy and everything. Unfortunately I can’t find any pics or video from the runway contest. =( When I did a Google search for it all I found was a devART entry that mentioned it and the person said the fact that "some brony" won best cartoon was stupid and was just proof the contest was rigged. SOOOOO. OKAY THEN.

I'm still proud since I did put a lot of thought into my Vinyl cosplay. =')

And the contest ended way ahead of time, and I had like a half hour left to kill, so I decided to glance in on the Geek Dating Game taking place in the next room. The second I looked in I was like, “Wait…is that Pat on the stage? (And why am I not surprised?)” So I walk in because I have to see this, and sure enough, there’s Pat, Rob, AND Josh, all on stage. I started to sit down in the back but Rob saw me and motioned me to where the others were.

Kelly took me and Ashley's picture with Rob's camera. I don't know why it came out so dark. >.>

Photo of the game:

From left to right: Pat, Rob and Josh. (Josh won.)

It was kind of a fun game. The guys all kept making really bad video game puns about sex. xD Rob got pissed off because Pat kept insulting him on stage. They all left after the second round began because the second round wasn’t really all that funny.

The fact that the Gumby cosplayer had to hold the mic to his nose to talk was vaguely amusing...but the contestants didn't have any creative or funny answers. I was heading off to soumen and kakigori anyway, so I left too and headed to the WW room.

Let me tell you. Best $3 I have ever spent in my life. The kakigori (shaved ice) froze me half to death, but it was SO tasty. They gave us a bunch of different syrups to try on it. I liked the watermelon flavor best, but I tried them all at least once. ^^ (cotton candy, green apple, blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry and watermelon.) They were all pretty good except the blue raspberry, which was blah because it was sugar free. I must have had at least ten or twelve cups of kakigori. I had to pee so bad after leaving that panel. xD And then the soumen was tasty too! At first I did like the others were and dropped all the noodles in the dipping sauce, before realizing how strong the sauce was. >_< It was WAY too strong, I nearly choked on my first bite. But once I realized that, I figured out I could just dip some of the noodles from each bite, and have just the right amount of flavor. ^^ So I ate two bowls of those, too. xD Which also froze me because soumen is cold noodles. It was such a tasty panel though. If they do this again next year, screw giving others a chance to try it. I’m signing up first thing!

Om nom nom.

After that I didn’t have anything planned and thought about leaving, but I really wanted to see if I could find Kelly and the gang first to say bye and get contact info. So I went downstairs to do a bit of shopping. I bought an Italy figure and a bunch of candy and ramune. (I wish I’d bought some the day before. I could only buy enough to carry on Monday. I would have loved to get another six pack or two of ramune to bring home. Some more candy would have been good too. Luckily upon getting home I did some googling and found an Asian grocery site which sells all kinds of yummy things! I suspect I know where some of my money will be going…xD)

Then decided I’d go hang out in the karaoke room just a bit longer to see if the others showed up there, mostly because that was one of the few rooms left open by this point. Which was a good choice because I was able to record the whole room singing Bohemian Rhapsody. I thought I saw Kelly so I was going to go sit down by her, but then suddenly the real Kelly grabbed me and was all “where are you running off to?!” (Thank goodness, I would have been so embarrassed to be sit by the other person and have them be all, “um, who are you?” at me.) They’d all been next door at an improve panel. We hung out for a little while watching the karaoke. Then Rob asked the DJ if I could pose behind the DJ equipment, and he said yes! I wasn’t allowed to actually mess with anything and I could only be back there for a minute, but the DJ showed me where to put my hands and while Rob took a few pictures at least one other guy ran up to take one too. It was really fun. =D

Photo by Rob. If you want to see the other ones he took of me, check out the post about my cosplays~

At this point it was like 4:30-ish and I had really intended to leave before this, but the others wanted to go to the last Win Mike’s Pocky panel, so I tagged along. I told them about my tail wiggle that got a woo and Kelly insisted I demonstrate, so I did. xD Rob went: “Well, Kelly’s day has just been made.” xDDD

They didn’t listen to me when I told them the “exhibition room stage” actually meant Ballroom 2. =| So we got downstairs before I convinced them it seriously was back upstairs, and we took the elevator back up. The panel was kind of funny at times, but others not so much. Basically anyone could get up and do a skit or show a talent or whatever, and then Mike (the head of Supercon) would give you a box of pocky or a ramune. A lot of people were doing rap battles which just don’t amuse me.

Around 5:00 is when that ended, and I had to hit the road. I’d really meant to leave so much sooner and couldn’t wait any longer because I’m so afraid of the turnpike during rush hour. So I hugged all the others good-bye (Kelly picked me up and spun me around. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. =3=) and headed to my car. I turned my phone on and saw my mom had left me a message that they were alive, (HUZZAH FOR NOT BEING AXE MURDERED AFTER ALL) so I decided I’d call back when I hit Florida City. Which is such a creatively-named city, I know.

Of course I hit rush hour coming home anyway. >.< It was scary at times, but I think I handled it surprisingly well. It might have been the sugar from the gallon of shaved ice syrup kicking in. xD Because I was like, “OUT OF MY WAY BITCHES I’M MERGING HERE. DEAL WITH IT. FUCK YOU I NEED TO BE IN THAT LANE I DO WHAT I WANT.” like a real city driver person. It took a lot longer to get to Florida City than it should have, but I made it and stopped at my favorite Long John Silvers for some popcorn shrimp and fries and hush puppies, and called home. <3 After around a 45 minute rest or so I continued driving. Card Sound was like literally deserted. I made it home around 8:30 or so.

Con swag!

My Vinyl ID card:

(I bought my mom a Derpy Hooves one. =3 The occupation listed for Derpy was "herp derp")

The stickers Kelly bought me:

Gonna have Flutterdash on my car~ Too bad there's not some way to mirror them, I would totally make them kiss.

And Italiaaaaa!

And you can see my half-painted Brian kokeshi lurking in the background. xD BRIAN STOP BEING A CREEPER.

I acually wanted to get more, but there weren't a whole lot of things that caught my eye. Then again, I don't really NEED more stuff, so this was probably good. xD



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