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A day off!

A belated Christmas recap! (Sorry, sorry, work is eating my soul. *sob* Days off are spent trying to do everything that I'd like to spend all week doing.)

Anyway, I had a good Christmas! I had Christmas and Christmas Eve off, which was awesome. And the day before, on the 23d, while I was at work a customer tipped me $10. I was helping him print out pictures for his fiance. They were really important to him because they were of her family and her aunt had just died, and he was bummed out because she was sad, and I guess he was feeling sad because it was reminding him of when his family died. (yeah...he told me all this. Slightly awkward.) But he was a polite customer and I wanted to help so I spent awhile trying to make his pictures look really good. When he thanked me for helping him I swear he was about to cry. Then, after paying, he gave me $10 and said he just wanted to do something to thank me. I nearly cried! It really put me in the spirit of the season. (I donated $10 later to Charity:Water via the Cakewrecks charity drive.)

Having Christmas Eve off was great because I finally had a chance to paint my toenails, and I continued playing Reshef. I WILL beat this game sooner or later! I'm further along in it right now that I ever got before, so this is good. (Thank you game guide.)

I really liked my presents. =D My gifts from this year:

- A Puzzleshippy fanfic from my lovely Yugi-Gina <33
- Fluttershy shirt from WeLoveFine (It's so cuteee, and they sent a free MLP:FiM poster and sticker with it! The poster is the mane six and Vinyl Scratch, and the sticker is of Rarity and Spike.)
- Books! (Totally Joe, Boy Meets Boy, Pretending You Care: The Retail Employee's Guide, and Cake Wrecks: Wreck the Halls. I've read them all AND THEY ALL ROCKED.)
- Rainbow earrings
- Yugioh cards
- Hetalia: Paint It White DVD (which came with a Hetalia bandana, which I immediately put on and wore the rest of the day.)
- Purple long-sleeved nightshirt
- Cute undies with Hello Kitty and hearts
- Knee socks with penguins on them
- Kitty figurines
- And biggest of all~ A Kindle! (It's the regular Kindle 4, but all I want is to be able to read books on it, so I didn't need anything fancy.) It's really sleek and pretty. =3= And the pages turn fast, which is very important to me. I assuage my guilt over getting into e-books by the fact that my favorite author has and loves her Kindle, so if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. u_u Besides, there's now no bookstore within a hundred miles of me, and I NEED certain books on the day they come out. I am not freaking waiting for Casket of Souls to arrive in my mailbox. It is integral to my life that I read it the day it comes out. (God help us all if I have to work that day. xD) I had a moment of indecision over which book should be the first to grace my new technology friend. I didn't feel like trying to figure out how to set up payment over it, so I went through the free books and decided to download Flatland for my first Kindle book, since I'd been meaning to read Flatland someday anyway. I've already got a huge list of books to buy for it. xD Since I finished my Christmas gift books, I'll be reading more on it now. The other day I downloaded two new books that I'm excited to start. I also bought it a pretty purple e-reader case so that it'll be safe. x3

I also lol'd a lot when I did a search for manga for the Kindle and it's pretty much ALL yaoi porn that's available. xDDD WELL.

My mom really liked the gifts I got for her, too, which makes me happy because I love picking out gifts for her. Her favorites I got her were a new camera (The same one that I have, because she liked mine so much. xD) and a calendar with pictures of her dogs on it. I usually get her a german shepherd calendar, but this year I found out that at The Ghetto we can make custom calendars, so I raided her computer for pictures of the dogs and made up one with them, which she really liked. x3 I never know what to get my dad, so I ended up getting him weird stuff like these little squishy ball things that grow when you put them in water, and binders for his magazines. =| He was being such a Grinch about Christmas anyway.

I've got Christmas pics on my camera that I'll download eventually. xD Maybe after my birthday so I can include a picture of my cake. (I asked to have the day off on my birthday, so here's hoping. ^^;)

In other news, the new season of Pretty Little Liars started. This show. It captivates me. I cannot wait for the next episode after all the stuff that went down in the last one. >.> And if I have Monday off for my birthday I won't have to worry about rushing home in time to watch it for once. Although I don't technically have to do that anymore, because we got a DVR! Comcast decided to switch all the people to digital so we had to get the digital box. But that ended up being great, because now we have a bunch more channels (sadly, we still don't get the Hub. No ponies for my TV. =| I could watch them On Demand, but that would cost extra. But guess what we DO get On Demand? Yugioh, GX, and 5Ds. Aw yeah.) AND we get On Demand AND we got a DVR. =D Which is pretty awesome. Why didn't I realize how awesome DVRs were before? I always thought they would be scary and complicated, but it's actually really cool. It's easier to program than a VCR, the tape won't stretch, and I don't have to re-program it after every power outage. Le awesome.

Also, I started an FYeah tumblr for sharkbaitshipping. Anyone who's a fan of Shark/Yuma, follow me? =3

And lastly, the annual New Years meme:

In 2012, duelist_gurl163 resolves to...
Find a better purple.
Take deka_bright mythbusting.
Give up computers.
Give up puzzleshipping.
Learn to play the yugi.
Admit my true feelings to animefanemiko.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Give up computers? GIVE UP PUZZLESHIPPING?! NO. I REFUSE. I also have my doubts that I can find a better purple. I reject this list. Although taking everybody mythbusting might be okay.

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