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"We had never heard of a dump being closed on Thanksgiving before,,,"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! <33

I hope you all have wonderful days! I'm already quite full from our usual Thanksgiving lunch and contentedly have Alice's Restaurant stuck in my head. Now I'm working up to the second wave of food this evening. xD At which I shall blatantly violate my vegetarianism, because you have not lived until you have had deep-fried turkey. *3* I legit regret nothing.

I'll do up a real entry soon. I know I've been AWOL around here for the last month. NaNoWriMo literally tried to eat my soul, and I fell behind, then I was working a lot, and not a whole lot interesting was happening anyway. I flat out can't spend the time on a long entry until November is over. (In which I will explain why I haven't done a Nano entry yet.) As for NaNo, I'm barely on track, but I've got less than 10,000 words to go at least! Home stretch!

*returns to NaNoing*

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