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A quick meme

Today's my nine-year Yugioh anniversary, so here's a meme for it. x3 (Nine years! How the time flies. To think my life was forever affected and altered simply by choosing to watch a TV show one night is amazing. You don't realize it when it's happening, but then you look back...and wow.)

Comment to this post asking for a list, and I will give you four things I
associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally
random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ. Other
people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

I got my list of things from strawberrykaoru

1) Puzzleshipping
is of course my One True OTP! Amusingly, I shipped puzzleshipping before I actually shipped it. The whole relationship between Yami and Yugi fascinated me, but I didn't really know what shipping was at the time. I just knew I liked any scene where they were together. When I finally did discover shipping I focused all my attention on Ryou, who I was most obsessed with at the time, and shipped him with people. And yet,  my favorite episodes of the Duelist Kingdom arc always involved Yami/Yugi interaction. It wasn't until the Pegasus duel, when, of course, Yugi "dies" and Yami holds him and his voice gets all shaky, that I realized, "These two are totally in love." And that was it. I came out of the puzzleshipping closet and I've been shipping away ever since. I'm not sure what it is about the couple that draws me in so much. I'd need a huge thesis to explain it all. But it's just...their interaction, the fact that neither is perfect, the way they protect each other and help each other grow, that's love. Every OTP I've ever had since, I measure against puzzleshipping. There are some that come close or are its equals, but none that have ever replaced it.

2) MLP
I never actually saw any of the original MLP shows, (and thank goodness apparently, because from the screenshots I've seen, they looked creepy!), so this will obviously be about MLP:Friendship is Magic. x3 I discovered this show in early February of this year, because of a fake war between the mods on /TS/. Each mod had a mascot, and I joined the pony group because I like rainbows and friendship and that's what the pony mod promised if she won the war. And there I heard everyone talking about this pony show and they all had cute icons and I got curious and wanted to know what was up, so I looked it up on YouTube. And I was hooked. It's just a really cute, cool show. And it's smart, which is awesome. They reference things like tribbles and gremlins, which let's face it, no kid is going to get. The jokes are really intelligent and funny, and the characters are fun and multi-faceted. People who write it off as a dumb kids show are being foolish. That's like writing a Pixar movie off as a kids movie. There was so much love and attention put into this series, and you can really see it. The fandom is pretty awesome, too.

3) iconing and colouring
Sadly I haven't icon'd or colored any doujinshi for awhile. *sob* I used to all the time, though. It was always fun to do. I liked making icons for other people to enjoy (it still makes me inordinately happy when I see someone using one of my icons. x3) and coloring doujinshi could be fun. Lately I've been doing more of my own art/coloring my own stuff when I do. I'm still trying to get used to coloring with SAI painter. I look at these fantastic pictures that other people do in SAI and I look at my own stuff and I go, "Why the eff can't you look like their pictures?! WHY?"

4) Comet :'D
Anybody who's known me for long knows about my baby, Comet~ I got him when I was in third grade, so he and I pretty much grew up together. He is spoiled rotten and sometimes I get exasperated with him (like when he came home covered in mud twice, and guess who had to sit there and comb all the mud out. He wasn't happy either.) but I love him. I know he won't be with me forever, and there will be other cats after him that I love dearly too, but none will ever quite take his place.

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