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So it's 4:00 am on Sunday and I'm awake because my brain is all, "So hey, we need to talk about that fanfic you're writing."
Me: "Why?"
Brain: "Well, this is the big confession scene and you're screwing it up. It doesn't have nearly enough tension. Your readers will be let down. You will spend your life agonizing over how you messed up the pivotal scene. You will--"
Me: "Go away."
Brain: "I think we should start re-writing it in our head. I'll start. 'It was a mistake to say it, but the words tumbled out anyway--' "
Me: "Seriously, can we do this later. Also that sounds really cliche."
Brain: "We could talk about how you're completely helpless and all of the things you're scared of if you want instead. I made a list for you."
Me: "...Okay, right, about that fanfic..."
Brain: "So I was thinking--"


Me and my brain: "WHAT THE SHIT."

I look out my window and suddenly see some guy running down our street, but nothing else. Then I start freaking out and wondering if I should call the police or something, because that was DEFINITELY a bad car wreck sound, and not the little fender-bender sort. Then I see police showing up...on our street. Next thing I know like half the neighborhood is wandering around outside. And I really kind of want to go out and see what's up too, because I'm nosy, but it's now 4:30 in the morning and getting outside will wake up the whole house, so I just sit there and watch. Can't see anything except cop cars and people walking around though because our cars are in the way. Eventually I fall back asleep. (I was staying up hoping I'd see a tow truck take the car away, but I didn't.) The next morning, go outside, and oh, hello, what is this, A HOLE IN OUR FENCE?

Turns out the crash was some drunk dude taking a corner too fast and swerving into the fence and guardrail by our canal. =| The guardrail, fence, and a tree stopped him. The guy I saw running was the drunk dude...I guess he thought he'd just run home and that would fix everything...? (They did find him) The crazy thing is that as car crashes go, it was actually lucky. If he'd crashed a few feet to the right, he would have gone right into the canal. And a few feet to the left and he would have hit all three of our cars like dominoes. As it was the guardrail was ripped out of the ground and completely twisted. Eep. (And suddenly all I can think of is the Dane Cook car crash skit.)

I'm going to take some pictures of it, but it has literally been raining for three days and I don't want to take my camera out in the rain. Plus I want to wait until my dad's not home because he's taking the whole thing way too personally.

So needless to say I was tired on Sunday. Then I had to go to work at 5:00 and work until 11:15 pm because it was another price change night. (At least this time I knew that I could wear regular clothes. Last Sunday I got all dressed up in my uniform and they were all, "Oh you're here to do price changes, you can wear whatever you want." >_< THANKS FOR TELLING ME NOW.) On one hand, price changing isn't THAT horrible. For the most part the old prices are easy to find and change. You just pull out the old tag and put the new one in. And it's fun tearing apart the perforated bin labels. (I have this weird enjoyment of pulling apart perforated stuff. Don't ask me why.) But it's really tedious. >.< And I rage whenever I can't find one of the old labels. (I may or may not have thrown out a couple of the new ones after giving up trying to find then.) After hour 4 or so, all the little numbers start to look alike. I was a complete zombie when I got home. I'm a zombie today, too, since I slept badly again. (And dreamed about having to do price changes in a store, except the prices were quotes from TV shows instead of numbers. One of the TV shows was about these animals that ate testicles or something. The quote for that TV show was "stale testicles." Subconscious, WTF are you doing?) I swear I have a hard time even remembering what day it is anymore. It feels like every day is Tuesday, for some reason. O.o

In non-smashy news, my new monitor arrived in time for me to see the new MLP on Saturday. =D Saturdays are awesome days now because we get new MLP:FiM AND new Zexal dub! Speaking of which, the first episode was great. I love how they have multiple cracky catchphrases to replace Kattobingu. (Although I am sad that they didn't keep 'pop flying'.) I really like Yuuma's VA. And dub!Shark wins all of my awards. (My parents were like, "this guy is a jerk!" Me: "No he's not! I mean...he is right now, but I promise he really does get better and ends up being pretty cool. D=") I have a good feeling about Astral's voice, too. We only got like three words from him, but I like the slight accent that Marc put on it, and the soft pitch. We'll get a better idea this Saturday.

Also I went to a new doctor last week and she was a lot nicer than my other doctor. Much more expensive, but so much nicer, and if I'm only going to the doctor once a year, I can afford the price. And when she wrote my BC prescription out, instead of making it monthly, she wrote it out so that Walgreens gives me three packs at a time. So I don't have to remember to call them and have them refill it every month anymore! Now I only need to have it refilled every three months. This is so much simpler.

Now I have to go and comb poor Comet because he came home this morning with mud all over his fur. And then I have to wash my bedcovers because he's gotten mud all over them. =|

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