July 14th, 2015

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Florida Supercon 2015 Recap and Picture Post Part One: Thursday and Friday

IT'S HERE! Chey's yearly Supercon recap and picture posts! ='D As always, the pictures are free for taking if you find one of you or a friend that you want. Remember that if you'd like, just message me on here or my tumblr and I'll be happy to send you the bigger/hi-res file if I have it! =3 (Some of these were cropped and sharpened to make them as good as they'll get, but others look perfectly nice in the fullsize)

Also as always this serves as a recap for myself of everything I did so I can reread it and enjoy the memories later, so please feel free to scroll past all the minute details because those are basically for me and the two other people who like reading them uwu

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Part Two here!
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